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New Kinect For Windows Pre-Orders Open
There’s good news for developers who have been waiting to get their hands on the new Kinect for Windows. Microsoft today started accepting pre-orders and promises to ships the units by July. The “v2” sensor is intended for use with the Kinect for Windows SDK (software development kit) 2.0 which the company will release as a public beta in July as well.

Optional Kinect Could Lead To More Xbox One Games, Microsoft Claims
When Microsoft made the decision to remove the Kinect from the Xbox One bundle, making it an optional purchase for gamers, we’re sure some were worried that this was limiting to developers. After all if the Kinect is an optional accessory, why bother developing for it if not many gamers have a Kinect in the first place, right?Well Microsoft begs to differ, and in a recent interview with OXM, Microsoft’s […]

Microsoft Nearly Integrated The Kinect Into The Xbox One
When Microsoft announced the Xbox One last year, it was quite a controversial launch. There were features about the console that felt limiting, and there was also its price which at $499 made it a harder pill to swallow, at least compared to the PlayStation 4 which was priced $100 cheaper.Microsoft justified this by claiming that the Xbox One comes bundled with the Kinect, which is why it costs more, […]

Microsoft Reassures They Are Not Discontinuing/Dropping Support For Kinect
A little over a week ago, Microsoft made a surprising announcement that they would be selling the Xbox One console without a Kinect bundled with it. This dropped the price of the Xbox One down to $399, making it more affordable and at the same time, putting it in competition with the Sony PlayStation 4 which is also priced at $399.So what does this mean for the Kinect and those […]


Microsoft Defends Initial Plans To Bundle Kinect With Xbox One
A couple of days ago, Microsoft announced that they would be removing the Kinect from the Xbox One. This meant that the price of the Xbox One console would be dropped to $399, the same price as its competitor, the PlayStation 4. That being said, it almost sounds as if Microsoft was acknowledging that bundling the Kinect was the wrong move to begin with.However, speaking to Forbes, Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi […]

FDA Approves Use Of Kinect For Stroke Recovery
We’ve seen how the Microsoft Kinect device can be used for more than just gaming. We’ve seen it being used in the medical field, and now the FDA has recently approved the Kinect for use in the treatment of patients who have suffered from a stroke. Jintronix is a company that makes physical rehab software, and one of their software is designed for the Kinect and used to help treat […]

Microsoft Reassures Gamers They Will Continue Improving The Kinect
Recently Microsoft announced that they would be releasing an Xbox One bundle that would come without the Kinect included. This meant that the price of the console was knocked down to $399, putting it on par with the Sony PlayStation 4. This is good news for gamers who want to save money, but at the same time, what does this mean for Microsoft? Have they admitted defeat with the Kinect?Well […]

Oculus Rift And Kinect Team Up To Deliver Tron-like Experience
For those of you who love all things Tron, I am quite sure that you would have moments when you figured out just how cool it would be to be able to step right into a video game, although dying in the video game might not result in a reboot naturally. Oliver Kreylos, a virtual reality die-hard for nearly two decades now, has made good use of three Kinect sensors […]

Microsoft Won't Reward Early Xbox One Adopters Who Paid More
Time and again the company has said that it won’t unbundle Kinect from Xbox One since its an integral part of the new experience. However merely six months after launch the company has changed course. Today it announced the launch of a Kinect-less Xbox One which is priced at $399. Customers will be able to purchase one in all markets where the console is available from next month. It has also confirmed that […]

Microsoft Announces Xbox One Without Kinect For $399
We recently picked up on a research report which claimed that by next year Microsoft is going to unbundle Kinect from the Xbox One. The main reason behind such a move would be to better compete with the PlayStation 4 on price. Microsoft isn’t waiting until next year. The company has just announced that starting next month it will start selling the Xbox One without Kinect for $399.

Kinect Might Be Unbundled From Xbox One Next Year [Research]
The Kinect sensor is an important part of Microsoft’s gaming console so much so that the company has publicly said multiple times that it won’t unbundle the two. Research firm IDC believes that Microsoft might backtrack on this by 2015. In a forecast for the gaming industry released earlier this week the research firm predicted that the Xbox One will be sold without Kinect from next year.

New Kinect For Windows Is Official, Arrives This Summer
It was near the tail end of last month when we first brought you word on the new Kinect for Windows v2 sensor, and boy are we glad to be at BUILD 2014 that was held in San Francisco, where the new Kinect for Windows v2 sensor as well as its SDK (software development kit) are tipped to arrive some time later this summer (folks living in the northern hemisphere, […]

Microsoft Kinect For Windows Hardware Version 2 Unveiled
In your gaming experience with the Microsoft Kinect for Windows so far, how do you feel about it? Do you think that the Kinect has a way of influencing the future direction of gaming in the living room, or will Facebook’s Oculus VR be able to have more of a say? Time will tell, but what we do know is this – Microsoft has just unveiled the second version of […]

Kinect Guards The Korean Border
The Kinect peripheral for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console is capable of accomplishing a lot of tasks, motion sensing being a major task in itself. This technology has been leveraged by Jae Kwan Ko, a self-taught coder who has set up a surveillance system based on Kinect at the demilitarized zone or DMZ between the borders of North and South Korea.