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Kinect Educational Games Found To Be More Effective
As we all know, the Microsoft Kinect technology can be used for gaming, even educational gaming, but is there really a huge difference between gaming on the Kinect and gaming on your mobile? Apart from the fact that both are different platforms, a recent study conducted by the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University found that gaming on the Kinect was more effective.According to the study, the researchers found […]

Microsoft Reassures That They Have Not Abandoned The Kinect
If there was one advantage that Sony’s PlayStation 4 had over the Microsoft Xbox One, it is that the former was priced $100 cheaper. The Xbox One was priced higher due to the fact that it came with a Kinect sensor bundled with the console which it seems that most gamers did not necessary want.Microsoft then reduced the price of the console to $399 and unbundled the Kinect from the […]

Kinect For Windows V2 Sensor No Longer Being Produced
 Not too long ago Microsoft phased out the original Kinect for Windows sensor. It may not have worried developers too much because the company had already introduced Kinect for Windows v2. However today Microsoft has announced that it has even stopped producing the new sensor, but that doesn’t mean developers who want to build Windows apps that use Kinect won’t be able to do so.

Xbox One With Kinect Price Cut
We saw an aggressive shift in Microsoft’s strategy last year when it just couldn’t keep up to the PlayStation 4’s sales pace. The company unbundled Kinect from Xbox One and sold the console for $399, priced similarly to its rival, and then it cut the price down by $50. Microsoft gained on the PS4 during the holiday season because of this move and now it is doing something similar. Xbox One with Kinect price […]


Original Kinect For Windows Will Not Be Sold In 2015
Back in October Microsoft released the new Kinect sensor for Windows with its software development kit so it was only a matter of time before the fact of its predecessor was sealed. The company has announced today that it is going to cease the sales of original Kinect for Windows sensor in 2015, sales will be phased out over the year, which means its safe to say these units are […]

Ohio State University Research Use Kinect To Treat Multiple Sclerosis Patients
The Microsoft Kinect while designed to be a gaming accessory has found uses in other fields, especially in the medical field where it has been used to treat Parkinson’s and to aid with stroke recovery. Well here’s one more use of the Kinect that Microsoft can add to the list – the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis.This is thanks to researchers at Ohio State University who have recently been […]

Use Xbox One Kinect With Windows Through Microsoft's $50 Adapter
Remember when Microsoft said back in June 2013 that the Kinect sensor that’s bundled with Xbox One won’t be compatible with the PC? Well seems like the company has forgotten about that. Microsoft today launched a new adapter which costs $50 and makes the Xbox One Kinect sensor fully compatible with all PCs and tablets powered by Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

IKEA Installs Motivational Mirror To Brighten Up Their Shoppers' Day
We know that there are probably days in which we look at the mirror and we think that we don’t look good – maybe we need a new haircut, maybe that outfit doesn’t match, maybe it’s time to start losing weight, and so on. Well it seems that over at IKEA in Wembley, London, they have decided to help their customers feel good about themselves.The furniture company has recently installed […]

Kinect To Be Used For Telemedicine And Treatment Of Parkinson's
While the Kinect accessory might have been designed for gaming in mind, many other industries, such as the medical industry, have found use for it. Well in the latest development, Microsoft has recent posted on its Health Blog that they believe that the Kinect could find a use in helping patients with Parkinson’s.While the Kinect will not be curing Parkinson’s, it can be used to facilitate telemedicine which is basically […]

$149.99 Standalone Kinect Sensor Arrives This October 7th
Earlier this morning, we were talking about how Microsoft has decided to sell the Kinect sensor as a standalone peripheral for the Xbox One console, and while there was no concrete date of when this particular Kinect sensor will go one sale then, here we are with an official availability date from the folks over at Microsoft – that is, October 7th.

Microsoft To Sell Standalone Kinect For $149
Microsoft took a rather bold decision of not bundling the Kinect sensor with their latest console, the Xbox One, on store shelves, and yet this strategic move was not enough to sway the tide of popular opinion when it comes to the current generation console war, as the Sony PS4 has continued to sell in droves that even Sony executives are at a loss for an explanation, after taking into […]

Microsoft Transforms Smartphone Camera Into Kinect Wannabe
It seems that Microsoft wants to make up for lost time at this year’s edition of the SIGGRAPH conference, where it looks as though your mid-range or perhaps even entry level smartphone camera is capable of being transformed into a Kinect clone of sorts. Basically, the team of researchers from Microsoft Research has managed to discover a method that makes use of the ordinary 2D smartphone camera, or a webcam […]

Kinect V2 For Windows Pre-Orders Will Ship On 15 July
The Kinect sensor by Microsoft has a lot of potential, so much so that it has been used in all sorts of fields, not just gaming. However the fact that it was sort of forced upon gamers when they bought the Xbox One kind of put some off it, although Microsoft did eventually release a Kinect-less Xbox One for $399.Now for those who love the Kinect and its potential, it […]

Ubisoft's Shape Up Game Will Use The Kinect To Get You Into Shape
We’ve seen our fair share of games that are meant to introduce fitness into a gamer’s life, but if you’re looking for something that will take advantage of the Kinect, Ubisoft has recently announced a new fitness game called Shape Up that will take advantage of the Kinect accessory and will be an exclusive to the Xbox One console.In a way it is a little ironic given that Microsoft recently […]