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3D Printing Service Uses Your Kinect To Make Mini Figurines Of Yourself
Some might think it is narcissistic to make a figurine of oneself, but one the other hand it would make a great gift to your significant other, or maybe even your parents who might want to remember you in 3D-likeness if you were to go overseas for work or studies. Well if you’ve always wanted to do something like that and you have a Kinect device at home, well you […]

NASA Engineers Use Oculus Rift And Kinect 2 To Control Robots
We have seen the Oculus Rift used for more immersive gaming experiences, and while the Kinect was designed for gaming in mind, it has also managed to find use in non-gaming environments, which is why it is no surprise to find that NASA has managed to find a way to use both the Oculus Rift and the Kinect to control the robots that they send into space. While remotely controlling […]

Microsoft Assigns Wearable Windows Devices To A 'Father Of Kinect'
People at Microsoft who were critical for the Kinect project are often referred to as the “fathers of Kinect,” and Alex Kipman is believed to be one such individual. Having already worked at Microsoft for the creation of Kinect as well as Windows Ultimate Edition, it is now reported that Kipman has been assigned the task of working on Redmond’s wearable devices. Folks at The Verge have heard that his team […]

Xbox One's Kinect Voice And Gesture Cheat Sheet Released
With the Microsoft Xbox One’s Kinect, one is able to use voice commands to perform a variety of actions thanks to the built-in microphone in the device. This includes starting up the console as well as navigating apps such as YouTube, but apart from that, what other voice commands are available? To save you guys the time and hassle to try and figure everything out, Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb […]


Xbox One Kinect Teardown Reveals Its Fairly Easy To Repair
The iFixit team opened up the Xbox One yesterday to reveal its sweet, sweet innards, which one of the discoveries they made was the ease at which its hard drive can be removed. In case you forgot, the Xbox One also comes with the new Kinect, which Microsoft has shown us several demos of the device in action, but didn’t talk about what’s sitting inside of the camera’s shell. Well – […]

Microsoft Reassures Kinect Will Not Be Able To See Through Clothing
With the Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox One supposedly being on all the time (you have the option of unplugging it), many have been a tad worried about their privacy and whether or not Microsoft could be spying or listening on them. While Microsoft has reassured that they will not be spying on their customers, there seems to be a new concern popping up, and that is whether the Kinect […]

Apple Might Have Bought The Company Behind Kinect's Technology
PrimeSense is a company based in Israel that provides the technology for Microsoft’s infamous Kinect sensor. Apparently Apple has bought it for as much as $345 million, according to the Calcalist financial newspaper which doesn’t cite any sources in its report. PrimeSense’s technology is most commonly known for being used in the Kinect sensor that was initially released for the Xbox 360. Its 3D machine vision technology is also used in […]

"Xbox On" Voice Command Boots Up The Console In 13 Seconds
So we know that the Microsoft Xbox One console will be able to boot up using voice commands but exactly how fast will it be able to do so? Well Microsoft’s Major Nelson recently posted a video showing the Xbox One console starting up itself with a voice command that was detected using the Kinect’s microphone, and it seems that it’s a pretty fast ordeal.

PDP Reveals Kinect Blocking Xbox One Accessory For The Paranoid
The Microsoft Xbox One will come bundled with a Kinect sensor. Previously Microsoft had stated that the Kinect needed to be on all the time to get the Xbox One to function, but has since backtracked on that. However we’re sure that there are still some users out there who might be a little paranoid about the Kinect’s microphone and camera, and that technically Microsoft could use those tools to […]

Xbox One Leaked Manual Hints At Kinect Minimum Distance Improvement
The Xbox One brings a plethora of improvements over its predecessor, the Xbox 360. Microsoft’s next generation console is much more powerful, efficient and interactive. The company vastly improved its Kinect accessory as well, which comes bundled with the Xbox One. The latest Kinect sensor comes with an ultra-wide 1080p camera which lets it track a number of physical attributes, such as the heart rate, as well as see in […]

Eyes-Free Yoga Is Yoga For The Blind Using The Kinect
If you have ever seen a yoga class conducted in real-life, or seen one of the instructional videos, basically it involves you, the student, to watch what the instructor is doing and follow accordingly. Unfortunately for the visually impaired, this is out of the question but thanks to a team of computer scientists from the University of Washington, they are hoping to bring yoga to the visually impaired through the […]

Microsoft Reassures Kinect Will Not Be Used For Targeted Ads
Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor that will launch with the Xbox One is certainly a powerful tool, with the ability to detect a multitude of things such as age, gender, and etc. through body recognition, but with great power comes great responsibility, right? If you were worried that Microsoft would eventually use the Kinect to start bringing targeted ads in your living room, you can rest assured that won’t be happening, […]

Xbox One Kinect Can Discern Two People Talking At The Same Time
At the Eurogamer Expo in London, Microsoft’s Phil Harrison revealed that the technology behind Xbox One Kinect makes it able to discern two people who are both talking at the same time. It will be able to hear as well as understand both of them and will also be able to see, in a dark room, if their mouths are moving, said Nick Burton who is the lead developer for […]

Kinect Technology Might Be Integrated Into Windows Phone Devices
Out of the blue, Microsoft announced today it has bought Nokia’s core phone business for $7.17 billion. The announcement got everyone wondering what it means for future Nokia devices. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that they’ll continue to license Windows Phone to other OEMs, and that they’ll probably have shorter names for future devices. The company’s operations system group’s Vice President, Terry Myerson, hinted during a conference call today that […]