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Kodak IM5 Smartphone Puts Imaging Front And Center
Kodak has had to adapt to the rapidly changing industry. It was once a behemoth in its own right but not anymore, primarily because new technologies have emerged which have taken the place of its products. The company is back with something it hopes will appeal to customers who value quality imaging. At CES 2015 the Kodak IM5 smartphone, built in collaboration with the Bullitt Group, has been announced.

Kodak To Unveil Android Devices At CES 2015
Kodak is probably a name that most of you guys would associate with imaging products, like cameras, film, and we guess to a certain extent even photo printers. They are not necessarily a brand that one would associate with mobile devices, but it looks like that could change soon. The company has recently announced a partnership with the Bullitt Group where both companies will work together to showcase new Android […]

Hollywood Keeps Film Format Alive By Purchasing Film From Kodak
Many movies are being filmed in digital these days. Why? Well for starters filming digital is a lot easier than film in the sense that it is more accessible. For example a budding cinematographer can go to a camera shop and pick up a DSLR camera which can shoot very nicely in digital. Finding a camera that shoots video in film is not so easy, and probably won’t be cheap […]

Kodak Debuts SMART LENS Camera For Your Smartphones
[CES 2014 JK Imaging Ltd. happens to be the worldwide licensee for KODAK PIXPRO Digital Cameras and Devices, and today has proved to be the day where they announced the SMART LENS camera. The SMART LENS camera is a brand new category of long-zoom accessories which should see more and more people use smartphones and the cameras that it come with to a greater extent, delivering the next level in […]


Kodak Exits Bankruptcy, Now Focuses On Imaging For Business
It was back in January 2012 when Kodak, the iconic company known for its film and cameras, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Founded by George Eastman in 1880, the company is credited with making photography popular, aiding normal people to find and save their “Kodak Moment” forever. The company has gone through extensive restructuring and has emerged as a technology company that focuses on imaging for business. The film and […]

Kodak Instamatic Smartphone Concept Is Interesting
Back in the day, Kodak was a pretty big name in the camera world, although lately it seems that the company has been having some financial difficulties, so we have to wonder had Kodak decide to diversify its operations, could they have saved themselves? While merely hypothetical, could Kodak launch a smartphone of its own? Well here’s a Kodak Instamatic concept which shows that might have been had Kodak decided […]

Kodak S1 Micro Four Thirds Camera Targets Q3 2013 Launch
Kodak is not exactly the best example when it comes to being a company these days, but this does not mean that they have ditched the imaging industry entirely. Not quite, as JK Imaging, who purchased the Kodak brand for its own range of shooters, has just stepped forward to make an announcement concerning the S1, which will jump aboard the Micro Four Thirds camera bandwagon.It is said that the […]

Apple and Google team up to buy Kodak's patents
While Apple and Google are competitors in terms of smartphone platforms, they aren’t exactly suing each other, and interestingly it seems that both companies have even gone as far as teaming up together to buy Kodak’s patents for a whopping $500 million. There are other companies reportedly part of this deal, such as Microsoft and Intellectual Ventures, RPX Corp and Asian makers of Google’s Android products. This teaming up is […]

Kodak’s patent portfolio going for $500 million
Eastman Kodak, one of the more venerable names when it comes to imaging and photography, intends to put an end to its long drawn out bankruptcy saga. It seems that word on the street has it that a deal has been reached with bondholders for $793 million in loans as well as other debts, and this could possibly help remove it from bankruptcy proceedings. One of the major points required […]

Kodak to end consumer inkjet printer sales in 2013
For those who own Kodak inkjet printers and love it and were hoping for newer inkjet models from Kodak in the future, it looks like we have to be the bearers of bad news as the company has announced that they plan to end consumer inkjet printer sales, which at the same time will eliminate 200 more jobs. If some of you might recall, it was in August that Kodak […]

Kodak to exit the consumer industry, will focus on the enterprise instead
Back in the days of the film camera, brands such as Kodak were extremely popular not just for the film they produced, but for their cameras as well. However as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and it certainly seems that way for Kodak. The company has officially announced that they will be selling off their Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging Business to concentrate on […]

Apple and Google fighting for Kodak's patents?
Another day, another patent dispute – at least that’s what the current state of the tech world is. It looks like there’s now another war over patents between Apple and Google. According to reports online, both Apple and Google have been named as potential customers of Kodak’s upcoming patent sell-off that will take place sometime next month. According to a tweet from WSJ’s Dennis K. Berman, the two companies are […]

Kodak granted approval to auction its patent portfolio
Kodak won an approval from the Bankruptcy Court earlier this week to auction its patent portfolios. Both Apple and FlashPoint have previously asserted ownership of a few of Kodak’s 1,100 patents, however, the Bankruptcy Court has finally ruled that all of the patents found in its patent portfolios are of Kodak’s.Additionally, Kodak has been granted by the court the right to sell its patents, subject to the applicable provisions of […]

Kodak sues Apple, citing patent sales interference
Eastman Kodak Co. has just filed a suit against Apple Inc. – which is definitely turning the tables, considering how Apple sued already bankrupt Kodak in February earlier this year, after Kodak quit the digital camera market which that very same month as well. Shame, really, considering how Kodak was a photography pioneer, and to see them bow out of the business in such a manner so many years down […]