Back in the day, Kodak was a pretty big name in the camera world, although lately it seems that the company has been having some financial difficulties, so we have to wonder had Kodak decide to diversify its operations, could they have saved themselves? While merely hypothetical, could Kodak launch a smartphone of its own? Well here’s a Kodak Instamatic concept which shows that might have been had Kodak decided to invest into manufacturing smartphones as well, and given their experience and expertise in the camera field, this smartphone’s camera could pack quite a punch.

The concept which you can see in the video above, is hardly the most beautiful smartphone we’ve seen. As a far, it seems reminiscent of the good old days where such classic looks were the norm. The hardware for the Kodak Instamatic phone includes a 4” display that runs on Android with MIUI on top, a 14MP camera with 4x zoom, and a 24mm wide lens. If anything this reminds us of the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom which seems more like a camera than a phone. In any case if you have a minute to spare, check the concept out in the video above and let us know what you think!

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