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Stop Sign Made Out Of Water And Lasers
Are you a trucker? Assuming you have answered in the affirmative, then you might have come across situations where your truck is a wee bit too large to fit into a tunnel, and there were no road signs before that informed you of the tunnel’s height – either due to the oversight of the road transport department in the municipality, or the sign was vandalized and taken down quite some […]

Lockheed Laser Makes Of Incoming Rockets And Drones
You know something? The kind of laser beams that shoot out from the USS Enterprise against enemy ships seem to make a whole lot more sense compared to those old school lasers fired in the other sci-fi franchise that carries lightsabers and midi-chlorians, as the lasers in the former seem to work a lot faster and more accurate, as there is very little need to “lead” the target – rather, […]

Humans Welded Together Could Mean The End Of Stitches
You know the old saying, “a stitch in time saves nine”. Well, stitching up gaping wounds on one’s body used to be an essential skill that surgeons ought to have, as it helps close up a wound and prevent an infection. The thing is, stitches do leave scars that are rather unsightly even when healed, many years down the road, although the “thread” used to stitch humans up has evolved […]

Dead Space 3 Plasma Cutter Working Replica Can Fire Real Lasers
EA’s Dead Space 3 may have come and gone, but one thing fans of the series will never forget is just how awesome the Plasma Cutter is as it can effectively cut up a necromorpth with very little effort. That’s why we absolutely had to feature Patrick Priebe’s working replica of Dead Space’s Plasma Cutter.Priebe’s Plasma Cutter working replica uses a total of five laser beams – three green lasers to […]


Laser Beams Offer Navy Boats Protection
Have you ever wondered just how powerful Cyclops’ (of the X-Men fame) optic blasts can be when he unleashes them without his ruby quartz glasses? I guess depending on the writer, the power behind his optic blasts vary, but the idea of firing lasers from a vessel has more or less remained within the realm of science fiction for a long time, at least not until now. It seems that […]

O-Bow Laser Violin
It is taken for granted that generally speaking, Stradivarius violins are among the most sought after in the world, but what really matters is, just which hands is the violin in question being played with? Give a Stradivarius violin to a beginner and you will most probably be better hearing off a cat screeching orchestra, but when a maestro picks it up, now that is art in motion. Here is […]

Sony Laser Light Source Projectors Offer Unparalleled Brightness
Sony has just announced that they will be rolling out their next generation WUXGA installation projector that will sport Laser Light Source Technology, delivering what Sony claims to be a “world’s first” 3LCD laser, 4,000 lumens WUXGA (1920 x 1200) projector. It is no surprise then, to have another superlative attached to it , making it the brightest projector of its kind and a first for the industry.What makes the […]

DARPA Equips Jets With Lasers, Are Sharks Next?
Forget about missiles fired from a fighter jet towards the enemy in a dogfight, and neither do you need to worry about bullets. DARPA, the research arm of the US military, is currently working on two systems, the High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS), and Aero-Adaptive/Aero-Optic Beam Control (ABC). HELLADS, as seen above, will bring back memories of the USS Enterprise firing away its pulse cannons and phasers, […]

Laser Beams Aid Pedestrians To Cross The Road Safely
I clearly remember that laser room in the first Resident Evil movie which was certainly a pants wetting experience for those in there, and I was quite bummed that the leader of the group tried his best to escape before the entire “net” of lasers sliced him to bits. Well, lasers could harm, and if used correctly, they could also help us humans. Not to bust a door open by […]

Laser pointers used to create a 1Gbps wireless network
You probably know that a laser pointer can transport data through the air across a room. But the question right now is: have you tried yourself? Well, to save you time and money in order to prove that it works, a team of engineers at the National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan have successfully transmitted data using red and green laser pointers. The engineers replaced the standard batteries of […]

Quantum Dots Used to Build RGB Laser
Lasers produced what can be called almost monochromatic light which means it comes in just one color. By combining 3 single colored lasers, red, green and blue (RGB), it is possible to replicate the whole visible-light spectrum. However, to accomplish this, current technology requires three separate lasers of different color. Now however, a physicist from Brown University called Cuong Dang along with his team of researchers have managed to produce […]

Acer announces K520 laser-based light projector
[CeBIT 2012] At CeBIT 2012, Acer announced a new projector the K520 which uses laser instead of a regular projector lamp to display images. The K520 Hybrid LED Laser projector is said to deliver a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 100,000:1, 2000 lumens of brightness, 3D image output support, and features VGA, composite video/audio, and HDMI ports. It has a maximum output resolution of 1024 x 768 but supports […]

UK police to trial laser gun designed to handle riots
With the riots in the UK still fresh in everyone’s minds, it seems that there has been some examination to the methods, tools and tactics employed by the police to handle riots of that scale. So much so that a new laser has been developed which the police are set to test that can temporarily blind people.

Light barrier keeps mosquitoes away
I believe that some of us feel that there are just certain insects that we can live without, and surely cockroaches and mosquitoes would rank among them? Here is yet another technique that intends to keep our winged nemesis at bay – where it will involve lasers as well as infrared light, making it a more realistic manner of ensuring no mosquitoes get within your parameter – all without expending […]

Lasers change eye color for good
Could a permanent eye color change be yet another hot new trend in the world of celebrities, glamor and perhaps, even crime? I suppose so, as a doctor in Laguna Beach, California, managed to discover a way to permanently transform brown eyes to blue. No, he does not require you to drink an unidentifiable brew that comprises of yucky ingredients, and neither is he a quack – rather, he relies […]

ZEUS Laser detonates mines from afar
We all know that Zeus is the god of thunder, hurling thunderbolts down at whom he is displeased with. I guess that is an apt name to describe the US Army’s latest “toy” – laser beams attached to the roofs of Humvees, also known as HLONS (HMMWV Laser Ordnance Neutralization System), or the ZEUS system. It will comprise of a solid-state “directed-energy weapon” that can remotely detonate IED’s, surface mines, […]

BMW tests out laser headlights to replace LEDs
Do you feel like the LED headlights on your car aren’t bright enough? Apparently so does BMW, as the company has announced that it has started experimenting with laser headlights to replace the LEDs that we currently have. Some of you might be wondering why we need laser lights, well according to BMW, it’s “the next logical step” and it provides huge advantages over current headlight technology.Laser lights would 1,000 […]

Griffin Technology Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer targets touchscreen devices
Most of the coolest gadgets that you find in the market these days sport a touchscreen display of sorts – never mind the size, but these displays definitely love to have a finger (or fingers) dance all over while you manipulate numerous user interfaces. Well, Griffin Technology has an alternative to the finger – by rolling out the Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer. Don’t you find it rather strange […]

Laser called upon to produce rain
More primitive civilizations have always looked upwards to the heavens in the past, crying out to a deity to send rain for their harvests whenever the weather starts to run afoul. Well, we’re glad to say that the future might just elicit the same kind of response, although it will be slightly different in application. No longer do you offer up prayers, but rather, fire a powerful laser to the […]

Table-top Hadron Collider beckons
The human mind is surely something that’s impressive – here we are with a group of scientists who have come together, cobbling a powerful atom smasher in the same vein as that of the Large Hadron Collider (which you can see above), although this particular model is full well capable of fitting onto your average table top.Known as the suitcase plasma cannon collider, this laser plasma accelerator will be comfortable […]