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AT&T responds to Sprint's lawsuit
Apple sues Samsung in Japan
HTC Sues Apple, Using Google Patents
Apple sues food company for copying their logo
Microsoft investigates location data collection accusations
Apple pressured to reveal iPad sales figures to prove they were affected by Samsung
Openwave sues Apple and RIM
Samsung sued in Russia, not by Apple this time
Verizon wants President Obama to step in on patent wars
Courts in Netherlands grants Apple temporary injunction for Samsung Galaxy phones
Blind man sued for illegally downloading porn
Apple wants to ban Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well in the Netherlands
Google-Motorola Deal Lawsuit: $12.5B Is Not Enough
Apple stores in Beijing sued for selling refurbished iPhones as brand new
Evidence in Apple vs Samsung case questioned?
Samsung to appeal Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction in Europe August 25th
Google accuses Microsoft of revealing "highly confidential" source code
Apple to sue Motorola over Xoom tablet design
Samsung responds to EU injunction of their Galaxy Tab 10.1
Apple taking legal action against fake retail stores