Apple seems to be embroiled in lawsuits these days (I’d hate to think about how much their attorneys are getting paid!) and this time China-based food company, Sichuan Fangguo Food Co., Ltd, is the target of Apple’s wrath.

It seems that Apple is suing the company for copying its logo, as shown in the comparison above. If anything we think LG should be the one suing as it clearly resemble’s LG’s logo more (turned sideways) than it does Apple’s, but I guess Apple has been on a warpath of late, and no one is safe. According to Fangguo’s CEO, Zhao Yi:

“There’s a leaf so you can tell it’s an apple, but it also contains two Chinese characters. … The orientation is also different, and ours is a totally different shape … .” Besides, he added, “When I started Fangguo, I had never even heard of Apple.”

The company claims to have received a lawyer’s letter on behalf of Apple, who is requesting that the company remove the leaf in the logo. However Fangguo claims that the leaf was added to make it resemble a fruit (an Apple in this case), which makes sense since they are a food company. What probably put the company in Apple’s sights is probably due to Fangguo attempting to extend their trademark into new product categories which included “notebook computers” and “electronic-game software”. Fangguo’s CEO is claiming that the law firm that sent the letter has not contacted him since.

There are more obvious logo/brands copycats:

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