Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1The ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung has so far resulted in victories for Apple, with the Cupertino company managing to get the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 halted in Australia and most of the European Union.

Naturally these halt of sales can’t be a good thing for Samsung, and they have since mentioned that they will be fighting the injunction regarding the halt in the European Union.  True to their word, Samsung has filed an appeal regarding the injunction which will be heard on the 25th of August by a court in Germany.

Needless to say, if the appeal does not go their way, this could be extremely bad news for them as they will not be able to sell their tablet in the European Union (with the exception of the Netherlands for now). Not only that but it could also impact their cases in the rest of the world, like Australia for example, where Apple’s lawyers or the judges could base their arguments/decisions on the outcome of the EU case, which is sort of like a precedent, although legally it can’t be used as one due to the difference in legal systems.

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