Wearing a pair of contact lens is something that you might want to check out if you are sick and tired of your glasses fogging up whenever you are about to dive into a piping hot bowl of noodles, or wish to swim around with a pair of goggles (non-powered ones, that is) while being able to see whether you are heading off to the deep end or not without stinging your eyes with water. Well, there is a future for embedded LCDs in a pair of contact lens, where this work is being developed by Belgian researchers who have managed to achieve a working prototype. Needless to say, this unique contact lens comes with a curved LCD display that has been integrated right into it.

You won’t find Full HD movies being played back on it anytime soon as it can just display basic graphics at this point in time, but who are we to argue that the future will not be different? Just to take the idea a little bit further, imagine contact lenses that will actually darken whenever you are out in the sun, doubling up as a pair of sunglasses, or change your eye colors as well as check out your text messages which has magically streamed over from your smartphone.

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