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Nissan LEAF Is Tops In U.S. Plug-in Sales
Apple vs Microsoft. Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman. Intel vs AMD. Brazil vs Argentina. Some of these are truly memorable match-ups, and they are a rivalry that has enthralled people while at their peak. On the plug-in electric car front, we have the 2011 Nissan LEAF electric hatchback going up head to head against the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, since both rides were on sale within a week of each other […]

Nissan Intends To Increase Number Of Quick Chargers
The advent of electric cars has changed the world of automobiles, although there is no revolution going on just yet. Nissan’s LEAF is a decent ride where electric vehicles are concerned, but it seems that there is a whole lot more work that can be done on the existing infrastructure in order to ensure that electric vehicles would be convenient enough to drive around in. Quick chargers, for instance, would […]

Nissan Battles Pollution In London With LEAF
Nissan, the Japanese automaker, has brought to the fore London’s fight for better air quality through the use of their 100% electric Nissan LEAF. The Nissan LEAF happens to hold the distinction of being the best-selling electric vehicle (EV) in the world, and it is being used to power a striking piece of street art in Waterloo, London, which will show off the Capital’s skyline that has become an icon […]

Nissan Offers Free And Easy Charging For LEAF Cars
Driving an electric car has its fair share of advantages – electricity is a whole lot more affordable than a full tank of gas, not to mention electric cars have no emissions that will clog up the earth’s atmosphere with poisonous gases. The thing is, a gas station is whole lot more common than an electric vehicle charging point, and Nissan intends to encourage the uptake in their Nissan LEAF […]


Artificial Leaf, Heal Thyself!
There is nothing quite like coming up with new inventions that have been inspired by nature. How else do you think man managed to achieve flight? Certainly it has nothing to do with wearing a pair of wings that are made out of wax and flying towards the sun! Well, there has been a new artificial leaf which is capable of producing energy with nothing but water and sunlight, and […]

Nissan Leaf Gets $6,400 Discount
Over at the North American International Auto Show, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn made the announcement that would make folks who are on the lookout for the Nissan Leaf very, very happy. We are talking about a $6,400 price drop for the base-model 2013 Nissan Leaf, where 2012’s base model retailed for $35,200 a pop, while the new base-level 2013 Leaf S will begin lightening your wallets at a more affordable […]

Nissan Leaf could be new face of all-electric taxi fleet
One great thing about a fully electric vehicle is this, there is no need to worry about emissions, and it runs smooth and silently. The thing is, the range and power on electric vehicles are not exactly top notch, but what happens when where you want to travel is just limited to a certain geographical area? Then an all-electric ride makes sense, and the Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company intends to […]

Nissan LEAF packs enough juice to power a home
I suppose one advantage that you have with an electric vehicle would be the ability to harness the energy reserves of the vehicle’s battery during emergencies – as siphoning fuel out from your petrol guzzler is far trickier and infinitely more combustible, amongst other complications, of course. Nissan’s LEAF electric car does more than just ferry you around in an eco-friendly manner – it has even been envisioned to double […]

Nissan LEAF batteries power Japanese home for two days
Now here’s a novel idea in case there is a blackout in your area – why not hook up your electric vehicle’s battery to your home grid, so that you are able to microwave that TV dinner when everyone else in the neighborhood will just have to settle for eating cold beans right out of a can? I’m guessing such a solution is reserved for far more dire situations, such […]

Nissan LEAF to receive BlackBerry and Android apps
Driving an electric car does have its benefits, such as not having to stop by one of those gas stations and filling ‘er up to the brim, burning a large hole in your pocket at the same time. Too bad electric vehicles aren’t all that powerful (unless you are a proud owner of a Tesla, of course), and they tend to have a rather limited range. Well, hopefully with improvements […]

Nissan and The New Motion team up for LEAF charging solutions
Looking to go green, and you want to start off with that vehicle in your garage? You surely would do well to check out our Nissan LEAF review if this particular model has stoked your interest. The Japanese automaker has teamed up with their zero-emissions mobility partner in the Netherlands known as The New Motion, where the latter has agreed to deliver charging solutions for owners of the electric-powered LEAF.

Nissan updates 2012 LEAF with more features and a higher price
Folks thinking about getting the Nissan LEAF but haven’t invested their hard earned cash into getting one will be pleased to know that their patience has paid off. Nissan has just announced that it launching an updated Nissan LEAF based on feedback of thousands of owners who have already driving one around. The new features will be available in the 2012 model which will also be sold in more regions […]

Nissan and 4R develop a new EV charging system
Just when you thought electric vehicles (EV) couldn’t get any greener, Nissan and 4R have decided to come up with a way to make them rechargeable via renewable energy sources. The two companies have just announced that they’ve developed a charging system that combines a solar power generation system with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries.Electricity is generated through solar cells that are installed at Nissan’s Global Headquarters, and then stored in these […]

Nissan LEAF charged via towing
Now this is something that we would not recommend Nissan LEAF owners to do (we didn’t try it out in our review for obvious reasons), but apparently a Dutch LEAF owner found out that his electric vehicle can juice up its batteries behind a truck as long as the brake is carefully applied. Needless to say, Nissan engineers also advice against you doing such a thing since there will be […]