nissan-clean-upNissan, the Japanese automaker, has brought to the fore London’s fight for better air quality through the use of their 100% electric Nissan LEAF. The Nissan LEAF happens to hold the distinction of being the best-selling electric vehicle (EV) in the world, and it is being used to power a striking piece of street art in Waterloo, London, which will show off the Capital’s skyline that has become an icon by itself.

Nissan commissioned Reverse Graffiti artist, Moose, in order to come up with this mass-scale mural which was finally unveiled today. Being different from traditional graffiti, Moose will work with a unique ‘canvas’ – by cleaning dirt off the different surfaces via a jet washer or wire brush, resulting in a striking design that is in the negative on the wall. Since most of the dirt accumulated happens to be the result of particulate matter from vehicle exhausts, these levels tend to exceed the guidelines and limits set in busy areas of London as well as other European cities.

The jet washer that Moose used is powered by the Nissan LEAF thanks to the LEAF to Home equipment, which happens to be a portable device that is capable of converting electricity from the car’s battery in order to deliver up to 2 days’ worth of juice to help a household run in an emergency. [Press Release]

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