Over at the North American International Auto Show, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn made the announcement that would make folks who are on the lookout for the Nissan Leaf very, very happy. We are talking about a $6,400 price drop for the base-model 2013 Nissan Leaf, where 2012’s base model retailed for $35,200 a pop, while the new base-level 2013 Leaf S will begin lightening your wallets at a more affordable $28,800. According to Ghosn, the new prices would make the Leaf the most affordable five-seater electric for sale Stateside.

The huge discount in price is attributed to the difference in content from last year’s low-end model compared to the 2013 model, and you can say that a huge chunk of it is due to moving the Leaf’s production from Japan to Tennessee. Apart from being assembled in the US, the 2013 Leaf’s lithium-ion batteries and electric motors are also manufactured in in Tennessee. Those who want the high-end Leaf SL will also be able to get it cheaper than before at $34,840.

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