One great thing about a fully electric vehicle is this, there is no need to worry about emissions, and it runs smooth and silently. The thing is, the range and power on electric vehicles are not exactly top notch, but what happens when where you want to travel is just limited to a certain geographical area? Then an all-electric ride makes sense, and the Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company intends to possess the largest all-electric fleet of taxis in the US, where they will complement their fleet with 56 DC fast-charging stations in the company’s service area.

According to Electric Vehicle Taxicab founder Malik Khattak, these cabs will serve the dual purpose of reducing elimination while cutting down on repair costs, simply because there would be virtually no oil changes to perform. Nissan Leafs have been shortlisted to be the ride of choice, where it has also been tested as taxis in New York and Mexico City prior.

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