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MAPS.ME, Crowd-Sourced Mobile Map App Launches Walking Directions
MAPS.ME is a free offline maps and navigation application for iOS and Android that was first  launched as Maps With Me in 2010 and acquired by last November.Today, MAPS.ME launched its Walking Directions feature, that allows hikers as well as urban users to find the best way to reach their destination.According to founder Yury Melnichek, MAPS.ME is the best visualization application for mobile for open location data provided by OpenStreetMap, […]

LightBug Solar Powered GPS Tag
There are plenty of trackers already available in the market today. For the most part they tend to rely on Bluetooth in order to detect where the tracker is and when it might go out of range. However once it’s out of range, some trackers basically stop tracking and it’s really anyone’s guess as to where it might have gone.This is a problem the LightBug wants to solve. The LightBug […]

Trick or Tracker keeps you informed on your kids' whereabouts
Halloween is just around the corner, and if you have any children that are planning to go trick or treating, you might want to keep an eye out for them. But since it’s never cool follow your kids around, how about use the power of technology to monitor them instead? Iconosys has just announced the launch of Trick or Tracker – a location app designed for occasions just like Halloween.

Find My Friends iPhone App Released
Now that iOS 5 is in the wild (it has been in beta for months), Apple has released the Find My Friends app. The concept isn’t new: this is an app that lets you locate your friends who willingly share their position temporarily, or at all times.While the idea and the technology have been investigated before, the actual implementation has not always been successful. In the past, I have used […]


TomTom GO LIVE 1535M With Travel Apps and Twitter
The market have been tough for GPS makers since smartphones are doing the same job by integrating efficient location technologies and offering a broad choice of navigation applications. Even TomTom has its own iPhone app that has been recently updated (version 1.8- June 2011) to include TomTom HD Traffic compatibility; TomTom HD traffic is available via in-App purchase for  $19.99.At Ubergizmo, we have predicted that more and more devices will […]

Inq Cloud Touch phone to use of Foursquare instead of Places (Updated)
If you remember the Facebook-centric phones from INQ that were announced earlier this year (Cloud Touch and Cloud Q), you would think that it would only feature Facebook services since it’s being marketed as a “Facebook phone”  after all. Well it turns out, that’s not the case. Dennis Crowley, co-found of Foursquare has just announced that default location view on the phone will be Foursquare and not Facebook Places.While the […]

iOS 4.3.3 released today
The much-needed location tracking bug fix for iOS devices has finally arrived. After receiving a lot of flak from consumers and the media about iOS keeping a log of where people have been, Apple issued a press statement explaining the whole situation and also promised an update to fix the bugs. Well, consumers didn’t have to wait too long as Apple has released the update today.The iOS 4.3.3 update for […]

Apple speaks up about iOS tracking issues
After about a week of silence, Apple has finally spoken up about the whole debacle surrounding the iOS tracking issue. In a press release today, the company has come clean about what the iOS does and how it obtains your location data.

Google Hotpot now integrated with Places
For those of you who always wondered why Hotpot was a separate service from Places, wonder no more. Google has finally taken the steps to combine Hotpot with their check-in based Google Places. The system for you to recommend, rate and review places is now integrated with the app that you use to check into it. We wonder what took them so long, maybe they were testing out the Hotpot […]

Valpak Augmented Reality takes coupon promos to a whole new level
Valpak and junaio have just updated the junaio app – that adds a new Augmented Reality feature to bring discounts to customers. When users launch the app, all they have to do is enter the Valpak deals channel and look through the footage being recorded through the camera on the phone. Based on their geo-location (obtained from the GPS), 3D icons will pop up over locations that have some discounts […]

Foursquare updated to version 3.0
Foursquare has just announced that later this evening, they will be releasing an update to bring their popular social check-in service app to version 3.0. The update will add a bunch of new features to the app, to increase Foursquare’s functionality as well as improve the user experience of the app. The Tips tab has now been removed to make way for the Explore tab that recommends places to Foursquare […]

ST-Ericsson CG1950 makes it easier to find you
ST-Ericsson will be launching the world’s smallest receiver that is able to see both American GPS and Russian GLONASS position satellites. Called the CG1950, this receiver will enable mobile devices to have a much more reliable positioning system. With access to two different satellites, the CG1950 can locate you faster and much more reliably. The ST-Ericsson CG1950 will be available as a standalone component or integrated into ST-Ericsson complete cellular […]

Flinc: Mobile Location-based App for Dynamic RideSharing
[DEMO Spring 2010] Flinc leverage the mobile phone location-based capabilities to connect passengers and drivers who want to carpool with a financial compensation for the car owners. The service can be used on smart phones or online: it analyzes the traffic in real time, allows passengers to identity available seats in cars belonging to the drives in their network, lets them send request to be picked up, enables real time […]

Easily Share Your Location While Making A Call With Your iPhone
The iPhone’s GPS functionality is certainly useful, especially if you have a friend looking for you. Currently you’re able to use the “Share location” feature on the iPhone to either email or MMS your friend with your current location details. Unfortunately, that process isn’t all that smooth, and it might be troublesome, especially if you’re in the midst of making a phone call. In a recent patent filed by Apple, […]

Buzzd: Free Location-based City Guide for BlackBerry
Buzzd is an online location-based city guide combined with a social network, and today its free downloadable application is available on BlackBerry App World. unveils its revamped desktop website, the design is touted to be reminiscent of Miami Vice, well, I am not sure about that but I like the look and feel. Using content from various providers such as CitySearch, Flavorpill, Time Out, MyOpenBar,, Clubvibes, and […]