Easily Share Your Location While Making A Call With Your iPhone

The iPhone’s GPS functionality is certainly useful, especially if you have a friend looking for you. Currently you’re able to use the “Share location” feature on the iPhone to either email or MMS your friend with your current location details. Unfortunately, that process isn’t all that smooth, and it might be troublesome, especially if you’re in the midst of making a phone call. In a recent patent filed by Apple, the process of sharing your current location with a friend might become a lot easier, as Apple might be adding buttons to request location information, or release location information in the midst of making phone calls. So if your friend were to suddenly ask you where you were while chatting with each other on the phone, he could (in theory) just request for your location, and you could release that information to him. Sounds a lot simpler than going through all the funky clicks on the Maps application before you can email or MMS your current location to your friend, right?

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