Now that iOS 5 is in the wild (it has been in beta for months), Apple has released the Find My Friends app. The concept isn’t new: this is an app that lets you locate your friends who willingly share their position temporarily, or at all times.

While the idea and the technology have been investigated before, the actual implementation has not always been successful. In the past, I have used Glympse, which was the best app that I knew for doing exactly this. However, Glympse killed the battery fairly quickly (GPS would do that), and it wasn’t really working in a satisfactory way (it was buggy and didn’t always update in real-time).

We’ll need to test this one in the field, but Find My Friends is one of the apps that allow users to share their position temporally, which I like a lot. To share your position, you will have to use icloud and sign-in with an Apple ID. Let us know how you like it and how you use it by dropping a comment below.

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