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Nokia Unveiling New Lumia On May 14
Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop hinted a new Nokia Lumia should be expected to be announced ‘later this quarter‘ a few weeks ago, with a rumor of the device possibly being unveiled today. That rumor turned out to be false as we have yet to hear of any announcement for Nokia’s future Lumia, but we did receive an invite for an event happening on May 14 in London.The invite has the words “The […]

HTC Announces February 19 Launch Event Possibly For The HTC M7
We heard last week HTC was planning to launch its HTC M7 at a dedicated media event on February 19 and not during MWC, and wouldn’t you know it, an invite to an HTC event taking place in New York City made its way to our inbox. And you guys wouldn’t believe the date of the event. February. Nine. Teen.Yes – it looks as though previous reports of HTC launching its HTC […]

London's Mobile Phone Theft Rate Rises To 300 Stolen Per Day
Walking around with your phone in your hand while reading a text or email might be safe where you live, but just even having headphones on will probably get you mugged as a smartphone is probably on the other end of them. We saw reports of iPhone & iPad theft rise in New York City around this time last year, and things aren’t any better over in London as an insane […]

London Fire Brigade To Launch World's First 999 Emergency Twitter Feed
The London Fire Brigade is planning to take things a bit further by launching the world’s first 999 emergency Twitter feed to monitor fires in the city. The news comes after LFB’s recent publication of its Integrated Risk Management Plan which sets out how the fire and rescue service in London will be delivered over the next few years. The LFB says that it is looking into the use of social […]


London Buses Now Supporting NFC Payments
London is going high-tech. Just a year after outfitting Wi-Fi on its buses, the city is now upping the ante by introducing NFC payments on its 8,500 buses. Starting today, Transport for London or TfL, the local government body responsible for the city’s transport system, is replacing Oyster cards with NFC-enabled debit cards, hereby putting an end to an era of using electronic ticketing, which didn’t quite appeal much to […]

BlackBerry London specifications leaked
Are you looking forward to just what RIM (Research In Motion) has in store for the masses with their BlackBerry 10 platform, especially the L-Series of devices which comprise of the London, Lisbon and Laguna? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, here is a little bit of good news for you – leaked specifications for the BlackBerry London have arrived, where it is tipped to come with a […]

London Underground Circuit Maps
Those with an artistic streak are better able to see things from a different angle, and the same applies to Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki who managed to conjure this rather delightful image of the London Underground Circuit Maps. The title of his artwork is pretty much self explanatory, where it will be on show to the public at the London Design Museum until January 13th next year. The whole idea […]

London Airport Floating The Thames Estuary Proposed
London’s Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. It has two runways and both of them operate at 98% of their capacity which essentially means that the airport is already being utilized to its maximum. To tackle a bump in air traffic in the near future, London will inevitably need a new airport or expansion of the current one.This is where the idea of an architectural […]

London names first Wi-Fi enabled stations
We do know that London’s Underground stations will be introducing their own Wi-Fi services later this year, and it has been a long time in coming, but at least it is being done – the first stations with has been announced. Of course, in the course of the coming weeks, Wi-Fi services will be offer across some of the city’s busiest stations, ranging from Oxford Circus to Liverpool Street, London […]

London Underground gets real-time service alerts in Google Maps
The London Olympics which will be held later this summer will be the sports centerpiece for the year, barring the Euro 2012 for football (soccer) fans, of course. Having said that, I guess it is timely that Google has updated their Google Maps software to include real-time service alerts for the London Underground, ensuring that commuters as well as travellers will be notified ahead of time should there be any […]

Mystery Samsung event planned at Phones 4U
While we’re not sure if this is going to be a worldwide event, but according to a report online, it looks like Samsung has something up its sleeves next week. A Eurodroid reader was passing by Oxford Street in London and noticed a huge, new Samsung logo and a mysterious date “30/03/2012” at the Phones 4U store. A pretty eye catching sight, though we have no idea what it’s going […]

Bar in the UK lets you play games while taking a leak
The Exhibit Bar in London, together with Captive Media, have fitted a hands free gaming system in the toilets of all places. It seems that this was done in an attempt to lure customers over by creating a “buzz” about the venue, and according to Captive Media’s research, these bathroom gaming systems have had a significant impact on the sales as well (a positive impact, we hope).

Nokia and deadmau5 to illuminate London for Windows Phone
Remember when back in October it was reported that Microsoft would be giving $20 million to Nokia in order to help promote its Windows Phone devices? Well, it really looks like Microsoft/Nokia are pulling out all the stops. Nokia has announced a spectacular “4D” show that will be taking place on the surface of the iconic Millbank Tower in London. The show will feature the world-renowned DJ- deadmau5 and his […]

Footballers in the UK get QR codes shaved into their head
If you thought that the game of football (or better known as soccer in the US) was already too commercialized, it seems like they have taken it one step further by shaving QR codes into the back of players’ heads. The “lucky” football club that will be getting their heads shaved will be South-East London’s Bromley FC, who hired the hair stylist favored by both Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand […]