Over the past couple of months we have been hearing a lot of rumors about upcoming iPhones. It is believed that the company will launch multiple iPhones this year, a low cost one and an evolutionary update of the iPhone 5, which will be called iPhone 5S. Analysts have claimed that iPhone 6 isn’t coming till 2014, but according to a new rumor, Apple’s next high-end smartphone might actually be iPhone 6 and not the iPhone 5S.

An alleged screenshot obtained from a UK mobile carrier shows a 4G iPhone 6 listing, this is being reported as a reason to believe Apple might not be going for a minor update this time around. If, for argument’s sake, we do believe this, then we must address countless other rumors about how iPhone 6 will have a radically different design and might even possibly have a larger display. In the past as well we’ve seen Apple release a new iPhone with minor updates, so an iPhone 5S seems much more plausible. We can’t be entirely sure of Apple’s plans, but right now its best not to form a pre-conceived notion of what the next iPhone is going to be. According to an analyst’s latest note, it is believed that multiple iPhone models go in to production this June and are likely to be released by September. [Image via Stuff.TV]

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