When you think Bentley, you think luxury, and with our cars starting to feature more and more integration with our smartphones and tablets, it looks like Bentley may have taken it to the next level with a Mac Mini integration in their concept Mulsanne flagship luxury vehicle that was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Not just content with integrating one Mac Mini, the Mulsanne concept vehicle will also come integrated with two iPads, two Apple wireless keyboards, and to top it all of, an iPod touch which will be used as the heart of its entertainment system. The reason behind the integration of so many devices is because the Mulsanne is targeted at the power business user, who apparently requires to be on top of their business commitments at all times, even while traveling.

A 15.6” display drops down from the roof console, which is connected to the Mac Mini, which also keeps the two iPads in sync, while the iPod touch acts as a control panel for the Rear Seat Entertainment and audio system for the rest of the vehicle.

Wonder how much all of this will cost? It seems that if the car gets made, just the car alone will set you back $346,000, and if you would like to add on the Apple package, it will cost you an additional $138,580. Ouch.

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