When it comes to luxury vehicles, it’s not just limited to cars, and with the Epitaph Cruiser by Autum, it appears that luxury can be extended to bicycles as well. Perhaps if the price of a luxury car is a bit out of your range, perhaps you might be willing to consider a luxury bicycle that will not only save you a ton of money on gas prices, but also provide a clean mode of transportation.


Unfortunately the Epitaph Cruiser is a limited production run model, with only 12 to go around, so if you’re willing to drop $3,000 for it, here’s what you will be getting. Handcrafted aged leather seats, grips and inserts, coaster brakes, along with specially fitted twin mounted tires along with custom crafted alloy rims. Given that the rest of the frame has been power-coated in black combined with the aged brown leather, it is looking up to be a rather classy ride.

As it stands, there are still 11 out of 12 models left for sale, so if you’re looking to go one up on your other fixie friends, perhaps this might give you the edge.

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