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Lyft Expands Its #DitchYourCar Challenge To More Cities
Several months ago, Lyft announced a month-long challenge dubbed #DitchYourCar. The idea is that the company wants to encourage users to stop driving and instead rely on ride-sharing/hailing services, such as Lyft, to get around. The challenge is to see if they will be able to do so for a month.

Lyft Announces Commitment To Go Fully Carbon Neutral
Many companies are starting to realize the impact that their operations are having on the  world today. This is why those companies (more recently Sony) have announced plans and initiatives to try and go green. Ride-sharing service Lyft is one of them as the company has announced their commitment to go completely carbon neutral.

First Lyft Electric Scooters Arrive In Denver
Scooters appear to be the next area of focus for ride-sharing services. Lyft had announced a couple of months back that it was going to put bikeshare systems across the country as it seeks to grow further. The company today announced the launch of its first electric scooters for users in Denver.

Get Free Lyft Rides On Election Day This November
Lyft wants Americans to get out and vote. For this reason, the ride-sharing has announced that it’s going to offer free rides to get people out on November 6th so that they can do their civic duty and vote in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections. It has teamed up with, Nonprofit Vote, and TurboVote on this campaign to get as many people out as possible to go vote on […]


New York City Votes To Cap Uber And Lyft Cars
In a setback for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, The New York City Council has voted in favor of a cap on the number of for-hire delivery and transportation vehicles that can ply on the streets of the Big Apple. The council has voted to stop the issuance of new for-hire vehicle licenses for a year as it closely gauges the booming industry.

Lyft Drivers Without Cars Can Get Rentals From Avis
Want to drive for Lyft but don’t own a car? The ride-sharing company has come up with a solution. It has inked a deal with the Avis Budget Group to offer car rentals to aspiring drivers who don’t have their own cars. This deal will result in “thousands” of cars being offered to drivers through Lyft’s Express Drive program in North America.

Lyft Challenges Customers To Live Without A Car For A Month
There are plenty of reasons not to get a car, such as saving money, where the cost of a car and maintenance and fuel can add up to be quite a lot. There is also an environmental factor where having less cars on the road can reduce CO2 emissions (assuming you aren’t driving an electric car).

Lyft Launches A New Personal Plan For Riders
Humans are creatures of habit and with work and school, we tend to settle into a routine. Some way routines are good, some say that they’re bad, but if you’re someone who takes Lyft rides frequently, then routines might be a good thing since it can save you money. This is because Lyft, just like Uber, has launched a personal plan.

Lyft Considering Rides Where The Driver Doesn’t Speak
There are some people in the world who do not mind chatting to strangers and everyone they come across, whether it be the barista that hands them their morning coffee, their server, the janitor, their hairdresser, and so on. However there are some who might prefer not speaking to anyone at all if they can help it.

Lyft Acquires Biggest Bike-Sharing Company In The U.S.
Lyft has formally entered the bike-sharing arena. The company today announced that it has acquired Motivate, the largest bike-sharing company in the United States. Motivate’s existing contracts include Citi Bike in New York City, Ford’s GoBike program in San Francisco, Blue Bikes in the Boston metro area and Divvy in Chicago among other cities. The terms of the deal have not been revealed by Lyft but previous reports have suggested […]

Uber Also Rumored To Be Getting Into The Scooter Game
Last month it was reported that Lyft could be thinking of getting into the scooter game, and now it seems that Lyft’s rival, Uber, could also be thinking about it. This is according to a report from Axios (via CNET) who claims that Uber has submitted an application to take part in San Francisco’s pilot program.

Lyft Announces Updated App With A Bunch Of New Features
All apps need a little overhaul every now and then to make it easier to use and to incorporate new and useful features to keep their users satisfied. For those who are using Lyft, the company has announced that they will be introducing an updated app that will come with improvements and also some new features that could be worth checking out.

Lyft’s Latest Update Removes Its Apple Watch App
While the Apple Watch might be one of the best-selling smartwatches in the market today, there is a somewhat worrying trend in which we’re seeing more big name companies and developers drop support for the device. For example back in 2017 Google Maps removed support for the Apple Watch.

Lyft Spending $100 Million On New Network Of Driver Hubs
Ride-sharing service Lyft has decided to expand its network of driver hubs and it has earmarked $100 million for this purpose. The driver hubs will provide a wide variety of services to those who are driving on the Lyft platform. They will be able to get benefits such as low-cost oil changes, basic car maintenance, car washes, and access to “clean bathrooms.”