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Apple May Combine iOS And Mac Apps In 2018
If a new report is to be believed, Apple might allow developers to create a single app that runs on both iOS and macOS. Apple is reportedly planning to give users a single set of apps that work equally well on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The company is said to converge apps for both platforms starting late next year. Developers will be able to design a single app that works […]

How To Encrypt Files on Desktop, iPhone and Android
We live in a time where almost every bit of our everyday life has been digitized, and therefore we store a lot of relevant information on our computers or mobile devices. From social media and email passwords, to highly-sensitive info, such as banking records and social security number.With the increasing number of scammers and hackers looming around every corner of the internet, protecting your data is more necessary than it […]

NVIDIA GeForce Now Beta Is Live For Mac Users
There is a common perception that Mac computers weren’t designed to play games. While Mac computers do come with some pretty good hardware, let’s face it, it clearly was not designed for the hardcore gamer in mind. Sure, the higher-end iMacs and MacBook Pros can run games decently, but its specs differ very greatly from a PC designed for gaming.

APFS Support For Fusion Drive Macs Coming In Future Update
One of the recent changes Apple made to iOS and macOS is introducing a new file system called APFS which would be replacing HFS+, a file system that was previously used by both platforms. However it was recently discovered that Mac computers with Fusion Drives would not support APFS.


macOS High Sierra Will Perform Regular Firmware Checks
Following some of the issues that users have encountered after updating to iOS 11, one cannot be blamed if you’re a little apprehensive about updating your computer to the recently released macOS High Sierra update. However apart from the various new features and improvements, there is one feature of High Sierra that could make it worth the update.

Hackers Exploiting ‘Find My iPhone’ To Remotely Lock Mac Computers
Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is meant to be a recovery feature of sorts, where if you’ve misplaced your iPhone, you will be able to locate it using the feature. Unfortunately it seems that in recent times, hackers have managed to exploit the feature and in turn have been locking Mac users out from their computers unless they pay the ransom.

Google Drive For PC/Mac Will Be Replaced With Backup And Sync
The Google Drive app for the PC and Mac has been around for a very long time and basically provides users with access to their Drive account and files without having to go through the web interface. Unfortunately it looks like the app will soon be going away, according to an announcement by Google.

Future Mac Computers Could Adjust Audio Based On Your Position
When you sit in front of your computer and the speakers are directly in front of you, there is no need to pump out audio at max volume. However if you’re seated further away, like on the couch, then maybe you’ll need to crank it up a bit. While adjusting volume isn’t really that inconvenient, a recently discovered Apple patent might make things easier.

Apple Has Paid App Store Developers More Than $70 Billion To Date
Deciding which platform to develop for is an important choice because some platforms aren’t quite as lucrative as others. Also for smaller developers, being able to develop for multiple platforms simultaneously can be tiresome and expensive. That being said it seems that Apple’s iOS and Mac platforms appear to be making good money.

Functional Apple-1 Sold In Auction For $101,000
While Apple these days might be known for their iPhones, iPads, and MacBook laptops, let’s not forget it was the humble desktop that really kickstarted the company’s success way, way, way back in the day. Now obviously Apple no longer sells these old computers, thus eluding the grasps of collectors.

Microsoft Visual Studio For Mac Released Officially
Microsoft has officially released the new Visual Studio for Mac today. It had confirmed several months ago that a new version of the development suite was in the pipeline and had even released a preview version which developers have been using for quite a few months now. The company announced at its BUILD conference in Seattle today that the new Visual Studio for Mac is now ready and has thus […]

Mac Dok Malware Is The First 'Major Scale' Trojan
Malware writers generally tend to target Windows as that’s where the largest number of potential victims are. No wonder Mac users have remained safe from malware for a long time. However, malware for Mac is becoming increasingly prominent these days. You might want to keep an eye out for the Mac Dok malware that’s being referred to by security researchers as the first “major scale” trojan for Apple’s desktop OS.

You Can Now Play Classic Mac Games In Your Browser
Mac computers back in the day ran on very different software and looked nothing like the Mac computers that we know and are familiar with today. Granted the UI back in the day isn’t exactly what you would call sleek, but for those who grew up with such computers can probably admit that there’s a certain charm about them.

How to Extract RAR files (Win+Mac)
RAR files are compressed files. You can identify the files with a .RAR extension. You can put a bundle of files and folders to create a compressed file utilizing an RAR archiver. Although, officially WinRAR is the archiver responsible for creating RAR files here we will take a look at how to extract RAR files on both Windows and Mac.RAR files cannot be extracted by the built-in OS tools, that […]