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Taiwanese Government Not Happy Apple Maps Labels Them As A Province Of China
While the Chinese government considers Taiwan part of them, the Taiwanese government and the people beg to differ and would prefer to consider themselves an independent nation. While that topic is hotly debated with the potential for war, Apple seems to have decided to lump Taiwan together with the rest of China, referring to the country as a province in China for their Maps application on both iOS and OS […]

Apple Job Listings Hint At Public Transit Integration In Maps
Apple Maps when first launched was nothing short of a disaster, with reports of users being led to wrong places and with the app itself being unreliable as a whole, which was thankfully solved by a release of an updated version of Google Maps for iOS devices. Apple has since been making changes and improvements to their Maps app and thanks to recent job listings, it has been hinted that […]

Bing Maps Spots Prototype Russian Fighter Jet
A prototype Russian fighter jet was spotted by Bing Maps.

Apple Hires "Ground Truth" Managers To Help Improve Apple Maps
We’re sure that many iOS users were bummed what Apple replaced Google Maps on their phones with Apple Maps, especially since there were many reports of inaccuracies over Apple’s Maps software. However when Google Maps was released as a standalone app for iOS, it’s safe to assume that many users quickly replaced Apple Maps with Google’s version, not only due to its familiarity, but with its more accurate track record. […]


Apple Requires Engineers To Fix iOS Maps
It is rather comforting to hear that the kind of engineers that Apple is looking for would not release a biological weapon on the rest of humanity for no apparent reason as seen in Prometheus, but rather, it will be for a far more humane and holistic purpose – to fix all that is wrong on the iOS Maps service. In fact, Apple has placed up new job postings on […]

Apple In Negotiations With Waze To Rescue Its Maps App [Rumor]
The Apple Maps drama has to be one of the most public screw-ups in the company’s recent history as they arrogantly thought they could deliver a maps application as good, probably better, than Google Maps. Not only did they completely fail at that task, but the move also removed Google Maps from everyone’s iOS devices starting at iOS 6. Luckily, iOS users got Google Maps back last month, but Apple […]

Google Adds 'See Inside' Button In Search Results
It wasn’t so long ago when Google introduced its Street View technology indoors. The result was Google Business Photos which basically shows you the interiors of a few stores in Google Maps. Today, Google is taking that milestone a bit further by bringing these images to the search results page. Yes, you can now view indoor photos of stores right from the search results by clicking the newly-added ‘See Inside’ […]

iOS 6 Adoption Grew 29 Percent Because Of Google Maps
Google has just re-launched Google Maps for the iPhone last week, and just a few hours after its debut, the long-awaited mapping application topped the App Store, leaving Apple executives envious, and even exceeded 10 million downloads after 48 hours. So, if you’re just plain curious how Google Maps has affected iOS 6 so far, mobile ad company MoPub has an interesting answer. According to their research, iOS 6 adoption […]

Apple and Foursquare rumored to be in talks over Maps data
Sometimes it feels weird that I have to resort to Google Maps on my iPhone especially since there is a native Maps app built into iOS 6, but given that Google Maps has certain features that Apple Maps lacks, it only makes sense that iOS users find the need to turn to Google’s offering instead of relying on Apple’s own app. Perhaps looking to improve their Maps app with more […]

Apple fixes Maps for Australia, might not be entirely their fault after all
Remember yesterday we reported that no thanks to Apple Maps, Australian police had to issue a warning to residents of Australia over a particular route that could lead them into the middle of a national park instead of the city of Mildura? Well it looks like Apple was swift to act supposedly have already addressed the issue. However as it turns out, it looks like it might not 100% be […]

Australian police warns against the use of Apple Maps due to inaccuracies
Apple’s Maps app has received a fair amount of flack over its gross inaccuracies, which has resulted not only in numerous complaints, but has turned into something of a punch line. Now it seems that Apple’s Maps software has become so inaccurate to the point where Australian police had to issue a warning not to use the maps with regards to public safety. It seems that people who are attempting […]

Humor: Apple will fix its Maps software by rearranging the Earth's geography
Apple has been receiving a fair bit of flack over its Maps software, which ultimately prompted Tim Cook to release an apology on Apple’s website, going as far as recommending alternatives by its competitors. We know that Apple is currently doing everything they can to fix their Maps software, but what exactly is it are they doing? Given that it’s Friday, we guess that you could use some humor as […]

Yandex discreetly launches new maps service in the U.S. and Europe
Yandex, a Russian Internet company that operates that largest search engine in Russia, has released a basic maps service for Europe and the U.S. The new maps services is powered by Navteq, a Chicago-based provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, and it can be viewed through For now, no links to the Maps section from Yandex’s homepage is accessible. Yet Yandex says that the service is now up […]

Apple Maps' turn-by-turn navigation still M.I.A for Australians
During the whole fiasco with Apple Maps, it was suggested that one of the reasons Apple decided to drop Google Maps and release their own solution early was due to a couple of reasons, one of them being that Google had reportedly refused to include voice guided turn-by-turn navigation in their iOS update. It’s not really that big of deal if Apple could offer a replacement or an alternative, which […]