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Google Lets You Add Missing Places On Maps
There is nothing quite like being able to rely on the power of collaboration and synergy when trying to achieve an objective, in particular, one that might seem to be impossible for a single person. Having said that, Google Maps have proven itself to be extremely helpful in delivering a comprehensive guide to those who are traveling to unfamiliar places. However, since nothing is perfect in this world, locals know […]

Windows Phone Gets Offline Maps Update
When it comes to finding your way around unfamiliar territory or places, a GPS unit is definitely far better than having a thick road map to look through, especially when a map is unable to verbally read out the directions, leaving you to pull over to the side time and time again in order to make sure that you remain on the right track. However, electronic devices that have navigation […]

WorldView-3 Delivers High Resolution Detail For Online Maps
I am quite sure that many of us do take advantage of Google Maps and Bing Maps when it comes to checking out how to get about from one place to another in a foreign country, and the high resolution images that both services offer are certainly an added advantage. However, with WorldView-3 being launched, things are about to get a whole lot better. WorldView-3 has been described to be […]

Windows Phone Gets Better Maps
It can get rather frustrating when you are driving along to the instructions given by your GPS navigation system only to find out that the route presented has led to a dead end because the maps stored on the GPS unit is outdated. Well, Nokia has decided that its HERE brand will not cause such headaches for users in the future, having updated HERE Maps on Windows Phone in order […]


Google Coordinate To Debut In Maps Engine Pro Subscription
It seems that the power of Maps Coordinate will arrive on Google Maps Engine Pro at long last, as it has been announced that Google Coordinate will be part of each Maps Engine Pro subscription (which costs $5 each month per user). Just to refresh our memories, Google Maps Coordinate happens to be a mobile and web app which will enable teams to assign jobs as well as share their […]

Google Maps Wants You To Explore More
How many of you make use of Google Maps every single day in your lives? Well, the Internet giant intends to make your Google Maps experience more enjoyable the next time you are out on a vacation, since you would spend less time looking for an answer and more time exploring the surroundings via Google Maps for Android and iOS.

Local Stores See Google Maps Offer Detailed Ads
We have seen changes made to Google Maps from time to time, and most of the time, such changes are more than welcome. At the moment, those of us who simply are unable to live without Google Maps in our everyday life, already depend on a slew of information concerning nearby stores whenever one is hunting down a particular store, but advertisements themselves, one of Google’s “bread and butter”, so […]

Lack Of Apple Maps Updates At WWDC Could Be Due To Poor Planning [Rumor]
Just last week Apple announced their next major revision to their mobile operating system in the form of iOS 8. There are plenty of changes and new features that Apple has added, although oddly enough they did not touch on their Maps application that much. They did mention some changes briefly, but did not dive into as much details as we would have liked, so what gives?Well according to the […]

Apple Maps Could Get More Social With Spotsetter Acquisition
Apple Maps is a pretty standard mapping software. It shares basic functions as other maps out there, allowing users to find addresses and plot a route to get there. However it seems that Apple Maps could soon starting getting more social, according to a recent acquisition by Apple of a service called Spotsetter.Apple has yet to make an official announcement and based on Apple’s previous acquisitions, there is a chance […]

Boat In Apple Maps Thought To Be Nessie At First
Apple Maps might be able to get you from point A to point B in an unfamiliar territory, but this does not mean that it is the first app or program that people go to in order to find their way around. Google Maps is, no doubt about it, still the undisputed king when it comes to navigational apps, and Nokia’s free HERE Maps too, does a pretty good job. […]

Apple Maps Send iPhone Owners To Grandma’s House
Apple Maps has not exactly been the most accurate way to get around somewhere which you are not familiar with, as a grandmother in rural Pennsylvania can attest to. In fact, for the past one and a half years, Apple Maps has been sending skiers who rely on their iPhone to get around to her home, rather than the ski lodge which they intended to visit. Basically, Apple Maps would […]

Apple's Patent Filing Could Point To What Maps Will Look Like
Apple is a company that holds plenty of patents, and this we know for sure. In fact, Cupertino has recently applied for a patent which will make use of various layers of information that have been obtained from the Internet, where users will be presented with what could very well be a “layered” map. Depending on your needs, the different layers could be made up of one for commuting, another […]

Google Announces New And Personalized Map Embed
When researching reviews on a particular restaurant or shop, or when looking for hotels to stay overseas, typically these websites will have Google Maps (or Bing Maps) embedded there which allows visitors to get a better idea of where the establishment is located. However the look and feel of these embedded maps are considered to be somewhat outdated, especially compared to the new look of Google Maps available from its […]

Apple's PrimeSense Acquisition Could Be Used To Improve Maps
The other day we reported that Apple had confirmed that they had just closed a deal with Israeli-based tech company, PrimeSense, which saw Apple acquire the company for anywhere between $300-$350 million. It had been rumored that due to PrimeSense’s early involvement with the Microsoft Kinect sensor, at least the first-generation, that Apple could be looking at using the motion detecting technology and incorporate it into the company’s rumored iTV. […]