Apple MapsWe’ve heard plenty of rumors about Apple dropping Google and building its own services when it comes to maps and the weather and while the company hasn’t done it yet, it looks like it could be soon. According to reports online, Apple’s iPhoto app doesn’t make use of Google for its weather and mapping service anymore. In fact, iPhoto uses an unnamed alternative service that is said to be from Apple.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Apple hasn’t renewed its mapping contract with Google which is scheduled to end later this year. The fact that Apple bought over a few different mapping startups (Placebase, C3 and Poly9) means that it is more than capable of coming up with its own service as well. I guess we’ll just have to see later this year when the Apple-Google mapping contract expires. Will you miss Google Maps on your iOS devices in the future? Or are you looking forward to seeing Apple’s own maps?

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