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Microsoft Edge For iOS And Android Officially Announced
We reported yesterday that the Microsoft Edge browser might be launched for iOS and Android later this month. Redmond has officially confirmed this today. Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android has been officially announced today. Microsoft Edge for iOS is available today in preview while the Android version will also be available in preview “soon.”

Microsoft Edge For iOS And Android Might Arrive Soon
Microsoft Edge, the new browser that the company built from the ground up for Windows 10, might be released for iOS and Android soon. Rumor has it that Microsoft is going to make its Edge browser multi-platform by the end of this year. Bear in mind that these are just rumors at this point in time, there has been no indication as yet from Microsoft which could suggest that Edge […]

Microsoft Edge Now Runs On 330 Million Active Devices
Microsoft revealed the latest usage figures for Microsoft Edge at its Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 event in Seattle today. The head of the company’s Microsoft Edge web ecosystem team Charles Morris revealed that Edge is now being used on more than 330 million active devices across the globe. Usage has almost doubled since the last time Microsoft shared figures with the public.

Microsoft Edge Browser Updates To Be Separated From Windows 10 Updates
Microsoft is likely going to announce Windows 10 Cloud at its event tomorrow. Windows 10 Cloud is believed to be a new version of the operating system that’s going to run apps made for the Windows Store. It’s going to be Microsoft’s answer to Chromebooks. To better compete against Chromebooks, Microsoft is reportedly going to separate Microsoft Edge updates from Windows 10 OS updates.


Microsoft Edge Browser Didn't Perform Too Well Last Year
Microsoft decided to leave the infamous Internet Explorer browser in the past with Windows 10 as the new OS came with a new browser that it build from scratch. The Microsoft Edge web browser is admittedly a lot better than IE, but was it good enough for people to dump the likes of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox? Statistics from Net Marketshare tell a different story.

Microsoft Trying To Prove Chrome Is A Battery Hog
Laptops users know all too well that Chrome can be a battery hog. Even though Google has promised to improve Chrome’s battery usage the fixes don’t appear to have made major gains. Microsoft sees an opportunity in this to prove a point: that its Edge browser isn’t a battery hog. The company has conducted an experiment to show how three popular browsers perform against Microsoft Edge on similar PCs.

AdBlock And AdBlock Plus For Microsoft Edge Now Available
Ad blockers are some of the most widely used extensions for web browsers with AdBlock and AdBlock Plus being among the most popular ad blockers available for a variety of web browsers. Microsoft Edge lacked support for extensions when it came out about a year ago and the company recently opened up extensions for developers, which is why AdBlock and AdBlock Plus for Microsoft Edge are now available.

Internet Explorer Is No Longer The Most Popular Desktop Browser
For years, Internet Explorer has enjoyed the title of being the most widely used desktop browser in the world. It was helped by the fact that this browser came pre-installed on hundreds of millions of PCs that were powered by Windows. With the exception of Safari on OS X, there weren’t a lot of browsers out there which had this edge over the competition. Despite that, Internet Explorer now appears […]

Microsoft Edge Will Soon Have Its Own Ad Blocker
Microsoft has slowly been adding new features to Edge, a browser that it built from the ground up for Windows 10, and while users look forward to finally get support for extensions the company has revealed that yet another much-requested feature is coming to Edge soon. At a session for web developers, the company revealed that Microsoft Edge will soon have its own ad blocker.

Microsoft Edge Extensions Support Could Arrive In Next Beta
Microsoft decided that it needed a new web browser for Windows 10 so it built one from scratch. Microsoft Edge can better compete against modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox but it still doesn’t offer one major feature that other browsers do: extensions. The company has talked about bringing extensions to Edge and it’s working on that, but it hasn’t shown off the feature in any beta versions as yet. […]

Browser Extensions For Microsoft Edge May Be Coming Soon
Microsoft built a brand new web browser for Windows 10 and it appears to have been pretty well received, Microsoft Edge has many of the features that users left Internet Explorer for however it’s still missing browser extensions. After a delay in the release of extensions support was confirmed over a month back it appears that Microsoft may soon bring browser extensions to Edge, a feature that many users have been […]

Microsoft Drops Support For Older Versions Of Internet Explorer In January
There’s a reason why Microsoft decided that it needed to launch a new web browser built from scratch with Windows 10, that’s because Internet Explorer became widely known as the best browser for downloading other more capable web browsers. The plan seems to have worked, Microsoft Edge has been well received, and now the company can look towards streamlining IE. It has confirmed that support for all previous versions of […]

First Major Windows 10 Update Released
If you own one of the over 110 million machines that run Windows 10 then you’ll certainly be interested in knowing that Microsoft has released the first major update for Windows 10 today. The update is now available for all PCs and tablets that are running the new iteration of Microsoft’s operating system, it brings improvements for all aspects of the OS and experience with countless partners updating their device drivers […]

Microsoft Confirms Edge Extension Support Delayed Till 2016
The Microsoft Edge browser is a significant improvement over Internet Explorer which was jokingly referred to as the best browser to download another web browser. Microsoft created Edge so that it could better compete against the likes of Chrome and Firefox but it’s missing one crucial feature that might stop users from migrating to its new browser and that’s support for extensions. Microsoft has now confirmed that Edge extensions support […]