There’s a reason why Microsoft decided that it needed to launch a new web browser built from scratch with Windows 10, that’s because Internet Explorer became widely known as the best browser for downloading other more capable web browsers. The plan seems to have worked, Microsoft Edge has been well received, and now the company can look towards streamlining IE. It has confirmed that support for all previous versions of IE except Internet Explorer 11 will be ended in January 2016.

The company confirmed through its website that starting January 12th, 2016 only Internet Explorer 11 will continue to receive technical support and security update. It’s the last version of IE and will receive support on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10.

What this means is that users who are still sticking with an older version of IE should now take action, because after January 12th next year no technical support or security updates will be provided for those versions. Attackers can then exploit security vulnerabilities to target users which is why it’s so important to update to the latest version.

Most Home PC users do have Automatic Updates turned on and in that case they have already upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 without having to do anything on their own. Those who don’t have this feature turned on are advised to click on the Check for Updates button on the Windows Update portion of Control Panel to get started with the update process.

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