Microsoft developed an all new web browser for Windows 10 aiming to fix the things that turned people off from Internet Explorer. It built the new browser from the ground up to better compete against popular rivals like Chrome and Firefox but there’s one major feature missing that don’t bring Edge up to their mark and that’s support for extensions. According to a new report Microsoft Edge extension support might not arrive until next year.

Edge users might have different issues with the new web browser but lack of extensions certainly stands out, and if a user relies heavily on them on Chrome or Firefox, it’s not likely that they’ll switch to Edge which is why Microsoft needs to get this done quickly.

The company had suggested previously that it will add support for extensions to Edge by the end of this year, and while there’s no official word from Microsoft, a new report suggests that the feature has been delayed to 2016.

The Threshold 2 update is around the corner and so far this feature has not been spotted in recent preview builds, which usually give a good indication as to what one can expect from imminent updates.

Now it’s believed that extension support in Edge will be released with the first Redstone update for Windows 10 which is scheduled to arrive next year. That’s a vague timeline but that’s all we have to go on right now, particularly when Microsoft is not saying when this feature will finally be added to its new web browser.

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