Microsoft decided that it needed a new web browser for Windows 10 so it built one from scratch. Microsoft Edge can better compete against modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox but it still doesn’t offer one major feature that other browsers do: extensions. The company has talked about bringing extensions to Edge and it’s working on that, but it hasn’t shown off the feature in any beta versions as yet. That could change in the next beta.

The company has never denied that it’s going to bring extensions to Edge. It was never a matter of if it was going to do that, only a matter of when support will arrive, and it looks like extension support for Edge might arrive soon.

According to a report, extensions on Edge are ready to go, Microsoft is testing them internally and it should have everything ready by the end of this month, just in time for its Build conference. It’s expected to showcase extensions support with Windows 10 Insider Build 14284.

Microsoft will certainly talk about this feature with developers first because they need to know about it so that they’re able to effectively create extensions for the company’s flagship browser. It’s still going to take time before extensions go live for all Edge users, but at least, it appears that Microsoft is on the right track and is working to get this done.

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