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Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet found the news on the Microsoft Research Site: Microsoft will demo a more portable experience of its multi-touch table computer this week at TechFest 2010 in Redmond.

You can read Microsoft’s description of the project:

It is a novel interaction system for mobile computing. Our goal is to bring Microsoft Surface experience to mobile scenarios, and more importantly, to enable 3D interaction with mobile devices. We do research on how to transform any surface (e.g., a coffee table or a piece of paper) to Mobile Surface with a mobile device and a camera-projector system. Besides this, our work also includes how to get 3D object model in real-time, augmented reality and multiple-layer 3D information presentation.

Microsoft Research Blog post

We have published on several rumors of Surface-like projects from Microsoft during the recent years, one was codenamed Oahu, which would bring a more affordable multitouch table computer to the consumers, and the other one was the Courier tablet which is, according to Mary Jo Foley, unlikely to debut as a real product until 2011 at the earliest.

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