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Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Release Date Confirmed
If you liked the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode, you’re going to love what Mojang has announced today. The Minecraft developer has confirmed that it’s going to release Minecraft: Story Mode season 2 in the near future. A new five-part Story Mode saga is going to be released by Mojang next month. It follows the first season which had eight episodes that were spread out over 2015 and 2016.

Microsoft Explains Why Minecraft For Switch Runs At 720p
If there is one criticism about the Nintendo Switch it is that its games don’t look quite as graphically pleasing compared to platforms like the PS4/PS4 Pro or the Xbox One. An example would be Minecraft for the Switch which was revealed to run at 720p, which had some wondering why did Microsoft make the decision, or was it because of hardware limitations?

Minecraft For The Nintendo Switch Lacks In-Game Audio Chat
As you might have heard, Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch will be released today and if you are looking to get your hands on it, here’s something that you might want to take into consideration especially if you plan to play with friends. In a report from Cube3, it turns out the Minecraft for the Switch is lacking in-game audio chat.

Minecraft: Education Edition Gets A Code Builder Tool
As the name implies, Minecraft: Education Edition is a version of Minecraft aimed at helping educate students. For example teachers could use it to create worlds or areas and teach kids about geography, or history, or science, and so on. However it seems that it can now also be used to help teach kids to code.


Minecraft For Nintendo Switch Set For May 11, 2017 Release
If you love Minecraft and you’re looking forward to playing the game on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be pleased to learn that Nintendo has confirmed that the game will be seeing a release on the Switch come 11th of May. However the release will be a digital one which means for those looking for a physical copy of the game will have to wait a little bit longer.

Minecraft Will Get A Community Marketplace Soon
Exciting times are up ahead for Minecraft players. Mojang, the Microsoft-owned studio behind this game, has confirmed that Minecraft is going to get a community marketplace this spring. The marketplace will play host to content made by players that other players can purchase if they want to. The marketplace will be available on mobile and Windows 10 PC editions of Minecraft.

LEGO Worlds Released For PS4, Xbox One, And PC
LEGO Group and Warner Bros. Interactive teamed up last year to create their very own competitor to Minecraft, the popular game created by Mojang which is now owned by Microsoft. The companies announced this game in November last year and after a delay, it has finally been released today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via steam. It has been developed by Traveller’s Tales, the same studio behind the […]

Minecraft For Apple TV Released
It was announced during Apple’s event in October this year that Minecraft will soon be making its way to the Apple TV. Microsoft-owned Mojang has announced today that Minecraft for Apple TV has now been released. The game has been launched for the fourth-generation Apple TV. The company says that Minecraft for Apple TV is “rolling out in all regions” throughout the entire day.

Miyamoto Thinks That Nintendo Should Have Made Minecraft
It’s safe to say that no one really thought Minecraft would be this huge cultural hit that it is today, where it has even spread its influence into the education sector. It’s definitely not the first building type of game in existence, but for some reason it has proven to be quite a smash hit, leading Microsoft to acquire the company behind it.

Steve Carell Rumored To Be Part Of The Minecraft Movie
We know that a Minecraft movie is in the works. Exactly what kind of story the movie will have remains to be seen, especially since the game never really had that much of a story to begin with. We also have no idea who will be cast, or at least until now where a report from Variety revealed one potential cast member.

Minecraft: Education Edition Is Now Available
Back in September Microsoft announced that the Minecraft: Education Edition would be released on the 1st of November, and sure enough it has. For those who are interested in checking it out, the game has been finally made available ever since it entered into development last January.

Minecraft For Apple TV Confirmed
Apple today announced a handful of new products at its event. It also announced some new apps that are coming soon to the Apple TV set-top box. The revamped set-top box embraces apps in a big way, Apple says that there are now more than 8,000 apps just for the Apple TV and that soon it will play host to some of the most popular mobile and console games. It […]

Minecraft Console Edition Spooky Bundle Gets You In The Halloween Spirit
Halloween is just around the corner and to make sure that you’re in the spirit to have some fun, Mojang has released a Spooky Bundle for Minecraft Console Edition. The bundle is out today, it brings three treats for Minecraft players on consoles, all rolled up in one single package. Mojang has created a trailer to demonstrate all that’s new in the Spooky Bundle.

Minecraft PC Exploration Update Arrives With Llamas In Tow
The Minecraft for PC Exploration update has been released today. It brings a handful of new features and content to this popular sandbox game. It also adds the Cartographer character which players will find residing in the library. They can spend their emeralds to obtain maps which lead them to adventurous locations like the Ocean Monument and the new Woodland Mansion.