minecraftIt is hardly a secret that Minecraft is probably one of the most popular games around. Last we checked, which was earlier this month, it was revealed that Minecraft had sold more than 100 million copies to date, meaning that there are a ton of gamers who are enjoying the game on their various devices.


Unfortunately multiplayer for Minecraft has typically been platform exclusive, meaning that you can’t play with someone else who is using a different device, or at least that was in the past because according to a post on Mojang’s website, it has been announced that Minecraft’s multiplayer mode will now be supported cross-platform.

This even extends to players who are playing the VR version of the game. According to Mojang, “Now you can play Pocket / Win 10 edition with your friends whatever device they are running it on, be it a shiny Android phablet, the latest flavour of iDevice or a beefy Windows 10 monster-rig. You can even join each other’s worlds while strapped into a Gear VR. All this friendliness is powered by Xbox Live – it’s free to sign up, so don’t be scared.”

In addition to support for cross-platform play, Mojang also announced add-ons that allows users to tweak and script how they want their world to behave, so for Minecraft fans, this could be the update that you’ve been waiting for.

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