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Digital Mirror Changes Your Expression To Look Happier In Real-Time
Getting someone to smile for a photo when they’re not feeling chipper can be rather difficult. Sure – you can try tickling them, promising them their favorite treat or a date with their favorite celebrity, but there are some people who won’t crack a smile, no matter how hard you try. If you own this digital mirror, then you won’t need to persuade your subject as it’ll make them smile […]

Film Material For Windows Switches From Translucent to Mirror Mode
One of the biggest energy requirement for a city is to heat or cool down buildings and houses. It is not easy to design a place that will be warm in the winter, and stay cool in the summer, and one way to do this in an energy-efficient way is by using sunlight as it’s free and quite abundant. The idea of having highly reflective Windows is not new: many […]

Walls that function as mirrors?
Do you happen to have a narcissistic streak in you? Assuming you have answered that question in the affirmative, then you might be interested to check out this particular imaging technique that turns your walls into mirrors. Yes sir, this “optical power” is achieved through the clever implementation of scientific principles as well as experiments in a laboratory instead of just wishful thinking. A study that was recently published mentioned, […]

Wide-angle non-distorting mirror for cars eliminates blind spots
Dr. Andrew Hicks of Drexel University has recently been awarded a patent for a car side mirror that can reportedly eliminate “blind spots”. A blind spot is an area around the vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the driver. These blind spots usually occur when the side-view mirror and rear-view mirror block a driver’s view of the road. Dr. Hicks’ curved mirror on the other hand, promises to increase […]


New car mirror eliminates blind spots
Do you ever wonder that until today, despite the huge advancements made by vehicle manufacturers in other segments of automotive technology, the humble side mirror as well as rearview mirror still suffers from blind spots? There are also plenty of third party options around like those curved mirrors which while distorting the view, give you a far better picture of what is at your side and behind. A math professor […]

Rearview mirror has front-facing recording capability
Rearview mirrors with an integrated LCD display is not exactly the newest kid on the block in terms of driving hardware, but this particular model from Hamwha is different from the rest. Why do I say so? While it resembles your standard rearview mirror, it boasts of an internal camera that will face the front, recording just about everything that happens in front of your vehicle. It does not attach […]

Cybertecture Mirror brings Augmented Reality to your living room
Now here is something that I believe most folks would want to have in their living rooms or at least bedrooms – the Cybertecture Mirror that would certainly seem far more capable than any fairy tale magic mirror. It has been described as a “reflective window into a digital life”, where this mirror will be connected to the Internet (surprise, surprise), augmenting your reflected image with meta data such as […]

Interactive Magic Mirror at the New York Times
We have seen our fair share of interactive mirrors in the past (including an augmented reality one), but this particular model hails from the research & development lab at the New York Times that brings about a page from the future. This mirror is special as it not only helps you avoid getting nicks whenever you shave, but it is also capable of sending different kinds of media content to […]

Cardiocam mirror displays heart rate
The next time you stand in front of your mirror at home, take a closer look at all the lines on your face, instead of concentrating only on whether your tie is properly put on or not. Do you think that the crow’s feet that appear out of nowhere are a surefire indication that you’re getting on in your age? If that’s the case, it might be better to go […]

HiSense WHDI: wireless HDMI
In today’s world of modern technology, we’re beginning to see cables being used less and less. The latest one to make the transition to being wireless is HD content. HiSense have come up with a range of new WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) accessories that enable devices such as notebooks, tablets, and iPhones to transfer HD content to a HDTV wirelessly. All users have to do is plug the transmitter […]

Interactive Mirror responds to touch
After being unsatisfied with mirrors that pack LCD panels and didn’t allow any human interaction, the folks over at Lit studios have come up with a solution to the problem. An interactive mirror that allows users to use it like a giant touch screen! With this interactive mirror, users can draw, paint, read text, watch videos, and browse photographs all while getting dressed or brushing their teeth! Words can’t describe […]

Clear Channel Communications offer mirrored displays that does ads
Advertisers are definitely always on the lookout for new ways to rip you off your money – or at least, attempt to. Just take a look around and see how ad-centric most bustling metropolises are and you might just be surprised. Clear Channel Communications intend to fully live up to their name by equipping the bathroom at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport with mirrored displays. How does it work? Simple, they look […]

A lamp that doesn’t run on electricity
In case you didn’t already know, going green is the way to go and it never gets old. So whenever we hear about a new device or technology that actually helps with the environment, we’ll be glad to cover it. However, even if a device does help make the world a better place, it should be somewhat useful, and unfortunately, the Pure Sun is not one of them. Designed by […]

Daily You Concept Mirror Takes Photos Of You
If you’re narcissistic and like to look at yourself, chances are that you’ll be in front of the mirror quite often. Now the Daily You concept can let you see even more of yourself, as it’s a mirror that features an embedded camera. This mirror is capable of detecting when a person stands in front of it and snaps a photo of you. Over a period of time, this camera […]

Virtual Butler mirror
Remember the first time you watch Disney’s Snow White? I just loved the way the magic mirror effects were done up, and all through traditional animation methods to boot. The Virtual Butler mirror brings back memories of yore, where it functions like a real mirror although can be connected to a variety of spots around your home including alarms, doors and cameras among others. The face is the stuff of […]