Rearview mirrors with an integrated LCD display is not exactly the newest kid on the block in terms of driving hardware, but this particular model from Hamwha is different from the rest. Why do I say so? While it resembles your standard rearview mirror, it boasts of an internal camera that will face the front, recording just about everything that happens in front of your vehicle. It does not attach to your windshield like other in-car recorders, so that means less view obstruction. It will work the moment your vehicle starts, overwriting old footage in a continuous loop whenever it maxes out on memory to give you the most recent footage possible.

Sounds like a double-edged sword, as it could act as a witness for or against you in the event of an accident, depending on which side of the law your actions lean on this time around. Basically, Hamwha’s offering has an LCD display on the right side of the mirror, showing off what is being recorded at the moment, or playing back what has already been recorded. A GPS and accelerometer has been included with the device for greater details at a particular time, while the camera’s lens will also work in low light conditions, capturing footage at up to a 92-degree viewing angle.

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