Getting someone to smile for a photo when they’re not feeling chipper can be rather difficult. Sure – you can try tickling them, promising them their favorite treat or a date with their favorite celebrity, but there are some people who won’t crack a smile, no matter how hard you try. If you own this digital mirror, then you won’t need to persuade your subject as it’ll make them smile for you.

The digital mirror was created using a large LCD display along with a camera installed just above the screen that is used to capture footage of someone’s face. Once detects the subject’s face, it can then deliver subtle changes to the person’s face in real-time to change their expression.

The purpose of the digital mirror is to give the person looking into it a more positive view of themselves if they’re looking into it with a blank or sad face. Researchers believe the mirror could be used to battle depression by allowing the person to see a smile on their face once again, as well as being used to help boost sales. For example, using the digital mirror in a clothing store can give the wearer a more positive idea of what they’re wearing if they can see themselves look happy while wearing it.

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