Now here is something that I believe most folks would want to have in their living rooms or at least bedrooms – the Cybertecture Mirror that would certainly seem far more capable than any fairy tale magic mirror. It has been described as a “reflective window into a digital life”, where this mirror will be connected to the Internet (surprise, surprise), augmenting your reflected image with meta data such as news bytes, weather updates, messages in your inbox and social network updates. Heck, you can even watch a TV program on it, while the Cybertecture Mirror delivers information on your state of health while doubling up as a personal exercise coach. I would suppose if they included some sort of Siri-like software inside, it would be even more interesting.

Created by James Law, the Cybertecture Mirror boasts a 32″ LCD display that is fronted by a 37″ fog-resistant mirror, running on a Linux-based proprietary operating system. It will be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or LAN, and boasts a wireless peripheral sensor pad that will be able to calculate and display health information including the percentage of body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and body weight.

Definitely something like this costs a mini-King’s ransom, ranging from $3,600 to $7,700, depending on the kind of configuration you put in as well as number of units you purchase.

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