Do you ever wonder that until today, despite the huge advancements made by vehicle manufacturers in other segments of automotive technology, the humble side mirror as well as rearview mirror still suffers from blind spots? There are also plenty of third party options around like those curved mirrors which while distorting the view, give you a far better picture of what is at your side and behind. A math professor from Drexel decided to do something about the situation, and has just picked up a patent in order to solve the problem. Basically, he came up with a mirror that actually works, thanks to a fancy algorithm developed by Drexel University mathematics professor Dr. R. Andrew Hicks.

This algorithm resulted in an optimized mirror shape that will do away with the blind spots while not succumbing to a distorted view. This is made possible thanks to what looks like a gently curved surface, although it actually comprises of plenty of small curving mirrors that point in subtly different ways. A disco ball that has been flattened might be a better way to describe it. Hopefully Professor Hicks can manufacture this mirror to the mass markets, pronto!

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