Do you happen to have a narcissistic streak in you? Assuming you have answered that question in the affirmative, then you might be interested to check out this particular imaging technique that turns your walls into mirrors. Yes sir, this “optical power” is achieved through the clever implementation of scientific principles as well as experiments in a laboratory instead of just wishful thinking. A study that was recently published mentioned, “Looking around corners and through thin turbid layers in real time with scattered incoherent light” has attracted its fair share of attention, where a spatial light modulator will be able to undo the scattering which makes objects opaque or non-reflecting.

This paves the way for real-time imaging through opaque materials in addition to around highly scattering optical diffusers. The primary use for such a technique at this point in time? It will most probably see action in biological and medical studies, although I believe that someone will think of something else in due time.

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