MobileMe Phishing

Apple announced its intentions to replace MobileMe with iCloud earlier this year at the WWDC 2011, and not long after that, phishing scams taking advantage of this update started to rise. While it wasn’t so huge back then, it looks like those phishing scams have started to rise again, according to a report from MacRumors.

Apparently quite a number of its readers are receiving emails telling them to visit a website to update their MobileMe account so they can make the transition over to iCloud. On the website, users are presented with text boxes to input details such as their names, addresses, credit card information and passwords – useful data that phishers can use to pull off internet scams.

While common sense and experience will usually keep most people away from such sites and giving away their details, a lot of people still don’t know the difference between a legitimate email and a scam. Readers, if you’ve been receiving emails similar to what was described above keep in mind that it’s a phishing scam, and it’d be best if you just ignore them in the future.

Fake Apple site

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