It is official – Apple has pulled the plug on MobileMe sync for keychains, widgets, accounts and preferences. Makes sense actually when you think about it deeper – after all, many of the features found in MobileMe are being upgraded as everyone makes the move over to iCloud. Previously, Apple did make it crystal clear that Gallery, iDisk and iWeb are already waiting to be “executed”, and now you can add data sync features to the list as part of the iCloud transition step.

Originally on .Mac and MobileMe, one of the key features was cloud integration of iSync, which is Apple’s method of stashing away data in a synchronized manner among Mac devices as part of its “digital hub strategy” that rolled out 10 years back. Well, guess it is time to grow up and move on, hence the cloud raining on the parade, so to speak. All features mentioned above will no longer be in use the moment you make the migration from MobileMe to the new iCloud. Bear in mind that the migration process is only meant for developers only at the moment.

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