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Apple’s own files have hinted at a Free MobileMe in the past and Steve Jobs himself said that MobileMe would get a “lot better” in 2011. At this point, it looks like it’s going to happen as MobileMe packages are said to be removed from sales points. How does that fit in Apple’s larger cloud strategy?

It’s not clear, but for owners of multiple Apple devices, it’s kind of annoying that songs have to be synchronized to all of them via a “main” computer with iTunes. Apple could allow users to upload song bought from iTunes to a cloud for playback over WIFI or 3G. If that’s the case, Apple might give MobileMe away so that all users can benefit from the new service (and still have a premium option with added storage). After all, the average user doesn’t buy that much music (in GB).

Apple could also “rent” music like Rhapsody, Zune and others, but this seems unlikely to happen as long as download sales do well. I personally like the unlimited music rental option, do you?

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