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Street Fighter's Ryu, Sakura Coming To Monster Hunter: World
The other day Capcom announced that Monster Hunter-themed costumes would be coming to Street Fighter as part of the celebration of the launch of Monster Hunter: World. Now it looks like the opposite is happening, where it looks like Street Fighter characters will be coming to Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter Themed Costumes Coming To Street Fighter 5
If you love the Monster Hunter franchise and also Street Fighter, you will be pleased to learn that to celebrate the launch of Monster Hunter: World, Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter-themed costumes will be making its way into Street Fighter 5, although it seems that it won’t be as straightforward as buying it outright.

Monster Hunter: World Set For January 26, 2018 Release
Announced at E3 2017 a few months ago, Capcom has recently confirmed that the upcoming Monster Hunter: World will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles on the 26th of January 2018. Just like the previous announcement, the release on consoles will be taking place first and the release for the PC will be at a later date which has yet to be specified.

Monster Hunter XX Switch Demo Is Now Available
Last week we reported that Capcom would be releasing the demo for Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch this week, and sure enough it looks like the demo is now available for gamers who are interested in checking it out, although we should point out that the game is currently exclusive to Japan.


Monster Hunter XX Demo For Nintendo Switch Arrives Next Week
For those who are fans of the Monster Hunter franchise, you might have heard that in May, the folks at Capcom announced that Monster Hunter XX would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. If this is something that you might be interested in, then know that starting next week, the demo of the game will be available.

Nintendo Switch Version Of Monster Hunter XX Not Coming To The West
Many have praised Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year because the company unveiled quite a few major titles that would be coming to the Switch. In fact many gamers appeared to celebrate when Capcom announced that Monster Hunter XX would be arriving on the Switch, but it looks like gamers are about to be disappointed.

Capcom Announces New ‘Monster Hunter World’
In case you thought that Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch would be the only Monster Hunter news we would be able to expect this year, think again. For fans of the franchise, you’ll be pleased to learn that Capcom has announced a new Monster Hunter game in the form of Monster Hunter World.

Capcom Preparing Limited Edition Monster Hunter XX For The Switch
So Capcom recently announced that they will be bringing Monster Hunter XX onto the Nintendo Switch. Now for fans of the franchise who are looking forward to the game, if you guys are big enough fans or maybe hardcore enough, you might be pleased to learn that there will be a limited edition copy of the game as well.

Monster Hunter XX For Switch Set For August 25 Release
So earlier we reported that Capcom had announced that Monster Hunter XX would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and now it looks like more details about the game have emerged. For starters we now have a release date which is set for the 25th of August, 2017 in Japan, which means that those of us stateside will have to wait for a localized version.

Live-Action Monster Hunter Movie Announced
Monster Hunter, a game about players fighting and killing monsters, salvaging parts to craft new weapons and armor, sounds pretty fun right? So what about taking that and turning it into a movie? Will a concept that works for video games work for movies? In the past that has never really turned out that well, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from trying.

Monster Hunter Generations Go West This July 15th
It has been half a year since the Japanese managed to get hold of Monster Hunter Generations (which is to be expected, taking into consideration how the title itself originated from the Land of the Rising Sun), and now we have word that the rest of the western world will be able to dive in to this creature battling title when the 15th of July rolls around.

Monster Hunter Generations To Hit The 3DS
Well, if you were always wondering what the heck is it with the Monster Hunter franchise that has been so big in Japan, especially on the Sony platforms of gaming hardware, perhaps those of you rocking to a Nintendo 3DS might want to make sure that you gear up for the release of Monster Hunter Generations on Nintendo’s portable console later this summer.

Mega Man Set To Enter Monster Hunter X’s World
It looks like Capcom favorite Mega Man is due for a collaboration with Square Enix’s Monster Hunter X series, as it was revealed at the Monster Hunter Festa 2016 in Chiba. This particular collaboration was more or less made known thrown a Mega Man costume for the game’s playable Felyne Palicoes, who happens to carry the ability to take advantage of different kinds of Special Weapons, where among them include […]

Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Stories For The Nintendo 3DS
The Monster Hunter franchise is a very popular one, especially amongst handheld console gamers who have spent countless hours playing with their friends and farming for materials to help create a variety of different armorsets. Now for the most part, Monster Hunter looks like your typical RPG, but it looks like Capcom wants to switch things up a bit.The company has recently announced a new Monster Hunter title called Monster […]