It looks like Capcom favorite Mega Man is due for a collaboration with Square Enix’s Monster Hunter X series, as it was revealed at the Monster Hunter Festa 2016 in Chiba. This particular collaboration was more or less made known thrown a Mega Man costume for the game’s playable Felyne Palicoes, who happens to carry the ability to take advantage of different kinds of Special Weapons, where among them include Guts Man’s “Super Arm,” Wood Man’s “Leaf Shield,” Top Man’s “Top Spin,” Dust Man’s “Dust Cleaner,” Gravity Man’s “Gravity Hold,” and Flame Man’s “Flame Blast.”

Apart from that, the folks over at Capcom also did make an announcement concerning a Square Enix collaboration event quest, and distribution will kick off on this coming January 15, where you are able to go up against Kushala Daora while coming up with the now legendary Felyne Palico “Knyaight Sword” weapon as well as “Knyaight Series” armor.

Certainly, this will be part of the Monster Hunter X franchise that will see more people flock to it, as fans on both sides would want to give it a go. After all, there is nothing quite like a crossover to help whet the appetite and get the adrenaline pumping, is there?

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