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GL-10 Helicopter Replacement Takes Off For The First Time
In the world of science fiction, we have seen numerous spaceships that are not only capable of zipping around nimbly regardless of the atmosphere it is in, those ships will also be able to take off vertically, before zooming away horizontally. It looks like the real world has finally caught up with the realm of science fiction in the form of NASA’s electric vertical-takeoff airplane known as the GL-10 Greased […]

New Mars Rover Equipped To Perform More Archaeological Digs
NASA is certainly interested to find out what is happening, as well as what has happened on other planets in the past, with Mars being one of them. Having put their Curiosity and record breaking Opportunity rover there before, this does not mean the brains over at NASA have stopped coming up with new rovers for the future. In fact, their upcoming rover to Mars is said to boast of […]

Opportunity Rover Breaks Extra Terrestrial Distance Record
Records are meant to be broken, don’t you think so? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to celebrate the fact that NASA’s Opportunity rover on Mars has now achieved a brand new record, having completed a longer distance compared to any other vehicle on the surface of a different planet.

NASA UFO Launched Over The Weekend
Earlier this year in April, we did discover that NASA themselves have some sort of “flying saucer” in their labs, or a UFO if it makes things easier to deal with, and earlier this month, we brought you word that NASA intends to test out this particular UFO. It was over the weekend then, where this particular flying saucer-shaped Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator managed to take to the skies in a […]


NASA CO2 Satellite Set To Launch
The folks over at NASA seem to have pulled yet another rabbit out of the proverbial hat, and this time around it would not involve sending a human being to space, but rather, to launch a satellite that will measure the average amount of CO2 above a location on Earth, which happens to be different from just about all of the other measurements of CO2. This particular satellite’s job is […]

ForceShoe Helps Develop Space Wear Technology
Going to space does require a fair amount of investment, regardless of whether it is a private outfit or a country. NASA did announce the ForceShoe recently, where the ForceShoe was specially designed by XSENS, a 3D motion tracking company. What does the ForceShoe offer? It is capable of tracking pressure in gravity as well as zero-gravity environments, helping scientists to analyze astronauts’ performance whenever they are involved in weight-bearing […]

NASA Sends HD Video Via Laser
The folks over at NASA have been pretty busy in recent times, having tested out their new spacecraft that does resemble that of the classic UFO design. Well, they have also been involved in other kinds of interesting projects in the past, as well as in the present. In fact, one of their latest tests was a success, as NASA managed to send an HD video from space right to […]

NASA Test Spacecraft Looks Like A UFO
It does look as though those flying saucers which have been rumored to be alien spacecraft actually exist, except that these do not happen to be extra-terrestrial spacecraft of any kind, but rather, the invention of man. How did we arrive at such a conclusion? Well, the folks over at NASA do seem to be working on a test launch of a spacecraft that shares a pretty close resemblance to […]

NASA Reveals "Global Selfie"
NASA has not stumbled across alien life just yet, but what they have revealed is also pretty interesting. Considering how our world is so obsessed with capturing selfies, so much so that front facing cameras of smartphones these days have done their bit to increase the megapixel count by a whole lot to fulfill your selfie perfection, it is not a surprise then to see that NASA themselves have revealed […]

NASA Z-2 Spacesuit Is The Future
I would suppose that something like the spacesuit’s evolution has not exactly undergone scrutiny from the general masses, as it is not the most exciting thing to be announced on the news, unlike a new smartphone from Apple or Samsung. Well, in NASA’s mission to develop a brand new spacesuit that will be suitable for those who intend to make Mars, the Red Planet, as their second home, then it […]

NASA's Curiosity Rover Could Drill Sandstone
The Curiosity rover that belongs to NASA looks prepared to check out a slab of sandstone that might eventually end up as a potential drilling target. This particular piece of rock, if chosen, would be the first drilling target which will not be a mudstone, according to a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory report. This particular stone has been given the nickname “Windjana,” which is called after a gorge that can […]

NASA To Test “Flying Saucer”
For all the stories that have gone out concerning a flying saucer or a UFO in the past, don’t you think that it is rather ironic for NASA themselves to be testing out this new ‘flying saucer’? Apparently, such a spacecraft might eventually prove to be the key that unlocks mass travel for humans to land on the surface of the Red Planet, Mars. Known as the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator, […]

North Korea's Space Agency Is Called NADA
As far as space agencies go, NASA is hands down the most popular in the world. The U.S. space agency has been at the forefront of space exploration for decades, recent achievements include putting a rover on Mars. The DPRK a.k.a North Korea seems to have taken some inspiration from NASA. It has announced the launch of its own space agency called the National Aerospace Development Administration. NADA is the acronym, […]

1st Lunar Photos Beamed To Earth By NASA Probe
The latest moon probe from NASA has recently beamed back what it sees on the moon’s surface for the first time ever. Known as the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer spacecraft (also called LADEE if you prefer a far shorter and more convenient calling card), the new moon photos that were beamed and released by NASA a day before Valentine’s do depict stars as well as the familiar lunar […]