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NEC To Halt Smartphone Business, Focuses On Feature Phones Instead
Back in June, NEC unveiled their Terrain smartphone which was a rugged Android handset that would make its way onto AT&T’s network. This would mark the company’s first efforts in the US since 8 years ago, but it looks like it could be its last as well. According to Japan’s Nikkei, it seems that NEC has decided to give up on the smartphone business for good. Reports have suggested that […]

NEC Terrain Rugged Smartphone Headed For AT&T
The ultra-rugged NEC Terrain is set to arrive at AT&T soon.

NEC Medias X 06E Is The First Water-Cooled Smartphone
Computer building enthusiasts, especially those with extremely demanding systems, have turned to liquid cooling as an alternative way to cool their computers. It works, it looks cool, why not, right? At the same time we’re sure many are wondering if smartphones will ever have that kind of technology, and here to answer your question would be NEC who has announced the first ever water-cooled CPU which is making its debut […]

NEC LaVie L Runs On Intel’s Haswell Platform
Intel’s Haswell platform has certainly created its fair share of news ripples in the past, and most recently at the end of last month, we brought you word that the Intel Haswell prototype comes with an automated screen size switch in tablet mode that ought to make life a whole lot easier for you tablet toting folks out there. Well, this time around, we have the fourth generation Intel core […]


NEC Terrain For AT&T Spotted In Leaked Render
When it comes to smartphones, NEC is probably a brand that doesn’t jump to mind, but that doesn’t mean that it should stop the company from trying, right? Well thanks to the folks @evleaks who has been pretty reliable in the past over leaked images and information, it seems that NEC has a phone in the works that could be announced for AT&T’s network in the near future. According to […]

Lenovo Reportedly Looking To Buy NEC's Mobile Phone Business
When it comes to buying smartphones, brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC come to mind. While other manufacturers like Lenovo have smartphones of their own, they do not have the same amount of clout other manufacturers do, but perhaps that might change in the future should Lenovo combine forces with NEC. According a report from Nikkei and confirmed by sources from Reuters, Lenovo is reportedly looking to buy […]

Fujitsu And NEC To Roll Out Tizen Phones Too
Samsung does seem to be on course to roll out their Tizen-powered smartphone in due time, where the device is said to share more than just a passing resemblance to the Android-powered Galaxy S3. Other than Samsung, are there any other potential candidates out there in the market? Fujitsu and NEC look set to follow in the footsteps of Samsung, as they are about to commit themselves to roll out […]

NEC Medias W N-05E Hits Japan
NTT DoCoMo, one of the major carriers over in Japan, has just introduced their range of handsets that is set to color this spring, and the NEC Medias W N-05E is one of the more notable devices that would certainly be pleasing to the eye. This is not the first time that the NEC Medias W N-05E managed to garner the attention of the masses, as it appeared as a […]

NEC LaVie X Ultrabook Gets Launched
Following the launch of the 13.3-inch LaVie Z in May this year, NEC, the Tokyo-based consumer electronics company, is introducing its latest ultrabook that is running Windows 8. NEC says that the LaVie X is the world’s thinnest ultrabook, thanks to its 12.8mm form factor and 1.59kg weight. At 15.6-inches, the display size of the LaVie X is much larger than the LaVie Z and it also comes with a full […]

NEC DNA Analyzer Miniaturized
The word “miniaturize” is a very subjective word, and how small a particular device is really depends on what the original size is. Well, here we are with NEC and a DNA analyzer that has been shrunken down to the size of a suitcase. According to NEC, this particular DNA analyzer is capable of processing samples right at the crime or disaster scene, taking as little as 25 minutes to […]

NEC Medias Tab UL N08-D tablet claims to be lightest 7" tablet in the world
[CEATEC 2012] Here is another superlative attached to a tablet from Japanese company NEC – the NEC Medias Tab UL N08-D tablet, which is touted to be the lightest in the world, at least for the 7″ tablet category. Underneath the hood would be Qualcomm’s SnapDragon S4 Plus Krait mobile processor that ought to be speedy enough to get most of the work done, where the NEC Medias Tab UL […]

NEC LED with built-in speaker gives you music from above
[CEATEC 2012] While everybody wants to have an audio system at home, not everyone can afford the space to have one – especially if they live in a tiny place. Well, the folks over at NEC have come up with a solution: by placing a speaker in its lights. The speakers feature Bluetooth connectivity, which can then be paired up with your smartphone/MP3 player/tablet to stream music from it. There’s no […]

Docomo Shabette Robo keeps you in the know
[CEATEC 2012] Remember the NEC PaPeRo robot that was said to possibly end up in homes this year? Well, it looks like we’re a step closer to seeing that happen. At the moment, it is available as a research prototype for developers but not regular consumers like you and me and Docomo wants to change that. At this year’s CEATEC, the Japanese company showed off its Shabette Robo. Seeing how […]

NEC tablet spotted at the FCC
The FCC has just gotten their hands on what seems to be a tablet from NEC that offers 3G connectivity support. The amount of information from this FCC filing is as scant as a strand of hair on Kojak’s head, so we will just have to feel our way around with our fingers this time around. Apart from standard Wi-Fi connectivity, we do know that the upcoming NEC tablet will […]