The word “miniaturize” is a very subjective word, and how small a particular device is really depends on what the original size is. Well, here we are with NEC and a DNA analyzer that has been shrunken down to the size of a suitcase. According to NEC, this particular DNA analyzer is capable of processing samples right at the crime or disaster scene, taking as little as 25 minutes to churn out a particular result. No idea on whether it is accurate or not, but I guess NEC would not be horsing around if it isn’t.

According to NEC, this particular DNA analyzer is tipped for a global launch sometime in 2014, where it ought to retail for approximately $120,000. Capable of outputting samples which can be matched in a jiffy thanks to an increasing number of DNA databases located around the world. NEC spokesperson Marita Takahashi said, “At first we will target investigative organizations, like police. We will also push its use on victims of natural disasters, to quickly match samples from siblings and parents.”

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