NEC Lighting has taken one of Thomas Edison’s most famous inventions – the light bulb, and injected it with wireless speaker capability. Of course, we are talking about this light bulb being power efficient in order to keep up with the times, hence it comes in the form of an LED ceiling light, where you are able to control it with your smartphone using an Android app. Once a Bluetooth connection is established, it will be able to stream music straight from your smartphone to the speaker, and the very same app can also control the different aspects of lighting, including brightness and color temperature. Not only that, you can create effects by synchronizing audio with the light, turning your pad into some sort of smart ambient lighting room. I guess this is perfect to set the tone for the evening if you are going to celebrate an occassion with a special person. This demo system currently boasts a trio of preset modes, merging light and sound effects, where you are able to select from Active, Natural, or Relaxed modes in order to match your mood.

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