[CEATEC 2012] While everybody wants to have an audio system at home, not everyone can afford the space to have one – especially if they live in a tiny place. Well, the folks over at NEC have come up with a solution: by placing a speaker in its lights. The speakers feature Bluetooth connectivity, which can then be paired up with your smartphone/MP3 player/tablet to stream music from it. There’s no need for any special app or proprietary hardware to transmit your music, which is a huge plus in my book.

The company unveiled it earlier this year, but this time we got to see it for ourselves. The quality of the sound isn’t too shabby, but it could do with a louder volume because it was pretty hard to hear the audio over the bustling crowd at CES. It should probably do much better in a small, enclosed room. Then again, if you’re planning to play loud party music with these lights, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere. Expect these LED lights with built-in speakers to go on sale in Japan some time later this year.

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