Watch the YouTube video above and sympathize with new anchor Helen Kapalos, who thought that everything would run just fine that particular day, but as technology failed her, her tongue (and of course, brain) also did not manage to pull the situation together, as she ran out of things to say. It felt almost unreal, really. Those who watched the “Today Tonight” show on Channel 7 in Australia would have stumbled upon Helen Kapalos’ gaffe due to a technological malfunction. Her autocue machine failed her, and without any script to work with, she was literally left speechless.


It was captured on video for all and sundry to see, as her eyes widened initially as it hit her that her autocue has decided to die at the most inopportune of moments, leaving her scriptless. Kapalos then dived into a random stream of words that did not make much sense. Well, I do hope that the TV station responsible for their autocue machines have a backup plan so that nothing of this sort will ever happen in the future, and for news anchors too, to watch more “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” so that they can come up with something impromptu if such bad luck ever visits them in the future. When was the last time technology failed you at the most crucial of moments?

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